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LNGAnalysis is a leading provider of liquefied natural gas terminal and market information across the world. It is a single comprehensive source designed to meet all your LNG data and analysis requirements. Combining the depth of information from our proprietary databases, experienced analysts discretion, sophisticated tools and forecast methodologies, we ensure the best output in all our reports. Clear understanding of our client’s requirements enables us to address all key issues in global LNG markets.

Our proprietary databases include (LNR Online Intelligence)-
  • LNG Supply- Demand Outlook Database
  • LNG Infrastructure and Capacity Database
  • Monthly LNG Prices and Trade Database
  • LNG Trade Movements Database
  • LNG Investment Outlook Database
  • LNG Supply-Purchase Contracts Database
  • Small and Medium Scale LNG Database
  • Floating LNG Database
  • LNG Fleet Database
Our Research Publications include-
  • Country LNG specific reports (60+)
  • Region LNG Specific reports (30+)
  • Analytical reports- (20+)
  • Company LNG specific reports (100+)
  • Terminal LNG specific reports (250+)
  • Company business profiles (1000+)