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Askchinareport provides customers with professional market intelligence, a wide range of business and industry analysis, investment consulting, strategic M&A and IPO advisory services. 

Askchinareport has a quick and easy access to the latest database and comprehensive research platform which are developed in our follow-up studies for more than 10 years and are updated time to time. askchinareport also innovates and develops specific analysis models and methods according to different industries. 

Askchinareport establishes long-term partnerships with National Statistical Bureau, industry associations, professional research institutions, credit investigation companies, data centers and data corporations, which provide us thorough investigations, accurate data and latest information. 

Furthermore, our strategic partners also include numerous fund and securities companies, PE and VC agencies, law and accounting firms, which exchange different views and insights in business and economy with us and help us to widen our horizons and enrich our knowledge.