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Production and Market of Chinese Corrosion Resistant Alloy 2015-2020

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Published Date : Jun 2015

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Recent years, Chinese domestic corrosion resistant alloy supplement increase in aggregate. By the end of 2014, China Special Steel Enterprises Association claimed 32 national key special steel enterprises produced corrosion resistant alloy crude steel 7215 tons, and 3853 tons of corrosion resistant alloy fine steel.

As global industry 4.0 comes, Chinese government promotes ocean engineering equipment, Hi-Tech ships, and aerospace equipment production. Moreover, high end imported corrosion resistant alloy is replacing by domestic products due to the further developed manufacturing technique. By the end of 2020, estimates domestic corrosion resistant crude alloy production will achieve 14.5 thousand tons, and 12 thousand tons of corrosion resistant alloys.

The development of other industries provides corrosion resistant alloy industry a stronger demand market. The strong market will carry corrosion resistant alloy industry mid-long-term development; the market size estimates achieve RMB 11.6 billion by the end of 2020.
Table of Content

I Corrosion Resistant Alloy Industry Developmental Environment
I-1 Macroeconomic environment in China, 2014
I-2 Regulation and policy
I-3 Technology

II Demand/Supply of Chinese Market
II-1 Chinese corrosion resistant alloy industry financial index
II-2 Supply
II-3 Demand
II-4 Pricing

III Chinese Corrosion Resistant Alloy Industry Chain
III-1 Introduction
III-2 Upstream of industry chain
III-2.1 Raw material market
III-2.2 Raw material production
III-2.3 Raw material price trend
III-3 Downstream of industry chain
III-3.1 Industry status
III-3.2 Production
III-3.3 Market demand
III-3.4 Demand and prospective

IV Chinese Corrosion Resistant Alloy Import/Export Statistics, 2013-2015
IV-1 Import
IV-1.1 Quantity
IV-1.2 Amount
IV-1.3 Source
IV-1.4 Average price
IV-2 Export
IV-2.1 Quantity
IV-2.2 Amount
IV-2.3 Source
IV-2.4 Average price

V Chinese Domestic Manufacturers’ Competitiveness Analysis
V-1 Zhejiang JIULI Hi-Tech Metals Co., Ltd.
V-1.1 Introduction
V-1.2 Product
V-1.3 Operation
V-1.4 Sales
V-1.5 Competitive advantage
V-1.6 Strategy
V-2 Fushun Special Steel Shares Co., Ltd.
V-3 Anshan Iron and Steel Group Corporation
V-4 Baoshan Iron & Steel Co., Ltd.
V-5 Shanghai Zhongzhou Special Alloy Materials Co., Ltd.
V-6 Shanghai Fengqu Super Alloy Co., Ltd.
V-7 Pangang Group Jiangyou Changcheng Special Steel Co., Ltd.

VI Forecast and prospective, 2015-2020
VI-1 Chinese corrosion resistant alloy investment prospective
VI-2 Investment risks

VII Corrosion resistant alloy Business Investment Strategy and Client Tactics
VII-1 Corrosion resistant alloy business strategic development planning
VII-1.1 Business upgrades
VII-1.2 Business expands
VII-1.3 Business sustainable develops
VII-2 Corrosion resistant alloy business strategic planning gist
VII-2.1 Government policy
VII-2.2 Industry law of development
VII-2.3 Resource and capability
VII-2.4 Foreseeable strategic positioning
VII-3 Corrosion resistant alloy business tactics
VII-3.1 Integrated tactical planning
VII-3.2 Technology develop tactic
VII-3.3 Regional tactical planning
VII-3.4 Industry tactical planning
VII-3.5 Brand marketing tactic
VII-3.6 Competition tactical planning
VII-4 Key customer strategy
VII-4.1 Necessarily of key customer strategy
VII-4.2 Key customer definition
VII-4.3 Key customer development
VII-4.4 Key customer marketing

List of Table

Table 1 Chinese optics industry financial index
Table 2 Major manufacturers capacity
Table 3 Chinese digital camera production

List of Chart

Figure 1 Conon lens index
Figure 2 Nikon lens index
Figure 3 Sigma lens index

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