ResearchMoz deeply values the privacy of the data of our clients and upholds their interests, in word and spirit. Our transparent and well-designed policies help us achieve this to the minutest detail. We urge you to go through the policies, as they are updated as and when required. We make every effort to protect the interest of our customers through our approach and processes of communication.

Data Protection

We are committed to updating our data privacy laws to offer better protection and rights to our companies. In order to make compliance of international nature, we have enforced General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), reflecting our seriousness to take clients’ data seriously. Having said that, we are flexible to meet the varied data protection laws specific to a country or region.

Information Collection

Data is the new oil for economies around the world—all business functions across different industries have increasingly come to reflect this proposition. To make a better communication, we solicit some details such as name, email id, phone number, company, designation, and contact details. Apart from this, any information that we collect to engage with you in a better way is protected by various privacy policies. We make every effort to save your data from unintended and illicit use.

On the other hand, it is imperative that our clients and partners understand our limitations through disclaimer and accept these.

How do we use your information?

Personal information: We never share users’ personal information with others to avoid commercial exploitation of the data and analytics. Meanwhile, we may use all information to improve our offering, tailor them to clients’ needs and make them more targeted.

On the other hand, it is our responsibility to keep a track of traffic data to improve our products and services in scope. To this end, we track any anonymous information from IPs if we think it necessary to make our business processes better.

In order to improve the web experience of customers and prospective clients, we ask visitors to accept the cookies. This greatly helps us formulate our digital marketing strategies and eventually meet the needs of customers faster and in better ways.

Disclosing Personal Information

In normal cases, we don’t divulge personal details or disclose personal information. We may need to do so in the following circumstances:

When we find such is necessary to protect the security of nations and the same has been asked by relevant government authorities and regulatory agencies. When such information becomes necessary to protect the credibility of our work and our integrity. When disclosing such information helps us prevent any fraudulent or illicit activity. Third-party Websites

We frequently as and when the need arises engage in communicating with our clients using third-party websites. In some cases, such websites may be necessary to support or corroborate various facts and insights. However, the very nature of these websites does not hold us legally responsible for any representation of facts, the credibility of the information, or the reliability of their work. So you are accordingly recommended to use discretion.

Updates and Changes

We make changes to the data pertaining to the user’s profile only in case of clear requests from the parties. We follow the best research methodologies and extensive research in arriving at insights and market estimations. However, there may be some inadvertent errors, as human activities may be pro.