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World LTE markets - 5G initiatives & MBB spectrum: Asia to Lead in Terms of Subscriptions

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Published on : Mar 24, 2017

ALBANY, NY, March 24, 2017: The report is titled “World LTE markets - 5G initiatives & MBB spectrum.” The report presents detailed quantitative and qualitative data pertaining to the key developments observed in the area for six regional markets, 46 countries, and the global market. The report also provides a detailed overview of 76 LTE operators and their contribution to the market so far. Forward-looking statements regarding the market’s growth dynamics up to the year 2020 are presented.

The report includes two deliverables analyzing both the LTE and spectrum issues as observed in these regional markets.
The first of these deliverables in the bundle includes market data pertaining to key technologies, spectrum issues, subscriber and revenue, and forecast up to 2020. This section of the report presents an analytical overview of the present state of development of prominent mobile broadband frequency bands. Results of auction processes in the market are also included, with data presented regarding prices paid by licensees, allocation modes, spectrum quantities acquired by key vendors, technologies, and the cost paid per MHz per PoP for the duration of 10 years. Detailed data about the regulatory status across the 46 countries examined in the report is also included.

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The second deliverable in the report bundle, which is updated on a half-yearly basis, provides the reader with the state-of-the-art of the world’s LTE infrastructures. This section provides an overview of the growth dynamics of the LTE market op to 2020 in terms of technology and geography. The section also provides the reader a detailed analytical overview of the developmental status of the global LTE market, pricing of LTE across key regions and countries, technological concerns, new services to have been marketed in the past few years, comparison of spectrum prices, recent news regarding spectrum allocations, and data regarding roaming, chipsets, and devices.

On the basis of spectrum, the latest developments in the 5G area are highlighted in the report. Data presented in the report include the issues regarding spectrum sharing and new radio communication technologies, detailed evaluation of regulatory framework, and mobile spectrum. All the data has been covered for the regions Eastern Europe, Western Europe, Asia Pacific, North and South America, and Africa and Middle East.

Asia is expected to account for over half of the 5G subscriptions in the near future. The region, home to world’s two most populous countries - China and India, is also presently the leading region in terms of LTE subscribers. The region is also home to some of the world’s leading LTE operators, ascertaining intense competition and heightened efforts by companies to acquire new consumers on a regular basis.

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