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Rise in Patent Filings and Offshore Installations Saves the Ship for Global Wind Turbine Monitoring Systems Market

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Published on : Aug 02, 2017

Albany, New York, August 02, 2017: The global wind turbine monitoring systems market has been prognosticated to be absolutely advantaged by the increase in the consumption of wind energy. The report has mentioned an expected CAGR of 16.88% to be achieved between 2017 and 2021. The authors of the publication have covered a number of aspects and key factors studied to have a telling impact on the overall growth of wind turbine monitoring systems.

Condition monitoring is defined as a tool that helps in monitoring the strength of several components of a turbine and associated electrical systems. It is regarded as a significantly useful tool that could help wind turbine operators and owners to predict problems related to maintenance and replace components only when required. This could save them a lot of time and cost when operating their wind turbines.

With the help of different parameters such as temperature and vibration, condition monitoring system (CMS) could assist operators in detecting any deterioration of components before time for ensuring safe and efficient operation of their wind power generators. This could help operators to increase the uptime of their generators by enabling them to order replacement components in quick time. Besides this, the need to make site visits could be reduced and maintenance costs could be easily saved with the remote monitoring of wind turbines.

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One of the critical challenges of the world wind turbine monitoring systems market is envisaged to be false alarms raising doubts in the minds of operators regarding the operability of turbine components. However, a wealth of favorable prospects has been envisioned to become available in the market with the rise in patent filings, decrease in the cost of wind projects, and increase in the count of offshore installations.

As part of the segmentation study, the report has shed light on two important markets for wind turbine monitoring systems, i.e. onshore and offshore applications. According to a geographical analysis, the researchers have forecasted three critical regions, i.e. Asia Pacific, the Americas, and Europe, the Middle East, and Africa, to make some crucial contributions toward the growth of the international wind turbine monitoring systems market. As for the competitive landscape, the researchers have brought to light several top companies and their vital business elements. Companies such as Siemens, SKF, Strainstall, Romax Technology, and GE have been elaborately profiled in the report.

Furthermore, the publication is considered as a complete guideline to aid players in their plans to make a strong comeback or fix their current standing in the worldwide wind turbine monitoring systems market. Other areas of the study such as decision framework, market size and forecast, and five forces analysis have been projected to help readers gain a decisive insight of the market.

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