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Installation of Offshore Windmills Fostering Demand for Wind Energy Maintenance Market

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Published on : Jul 21, 2020

The demand for clean and green energy is rising substantially. To reduce global warming and prevent depletion of fossil fuels, researchers and scientists are trying to find an alternative of fossil fuels, which is also renewable. One easily available source of energy is wind. It is available in abundance, and energy can be easily harnessed. Further, the energy can be converted into mechanical energy and electrical energy.

Over the recent years, the idea has been utilized on large scale by installing offshore wind farms. The farms have windmills installed in coastal water, which helps produce energy. Wind turbines used in windmills have shelf life of 20-25 years, which further require repair. Besides, wind turbine anyway require maintenance after every 10 years of its use. This, in turn, is resulting in expansion of wind energy maintenance market.

Apart from requirement of mantainence of wind turbines, there are various driving factors bringing positive impact on wind energy maintenance market. The recently added report in the repository of RMoz database titled “Global Wind Energy Maintenance Market Size, Status and Forecast 2019-2025” provides growth insights of global wind energy maintenance market in the course of forecast period of 2019 and 2029.

The market research report has taken several drivers, trends, and restraining factors into consideration while preparing the report. Further, the report also focusses on upcoming opportunities and competitive landscape of the wind energy maintenance market.

Composed of 105 pages, the wind energy maintenance market report is presented in a chapter-wise format. Each chapter discusses different aspects of the market. The report includes an exhaustive array of graphs and pictorial representations to depict growth trends.

The preparation of the report involved an extensive research phase. Analysts reached out to experts and researchers involved in clean energy production using wind to analyze different dimensions that would shape the global wind energy maintenance market in the course of forecast period.

Considering the rise in demand for energy owing to increasing population, government bodies are trying to undertake various initiatives and are formulating policies in favor of renewable energy generation. The policies and initiatives are helping to set up windmills in large numbers for obvious reason. This, in turn, is boosting the global wind energy maintenance market.

High Logistic Cost and Lack of Skilled Labor Pushing Wind Energy Maintenance Market
Others factors pushing global wind energy maintenance market are high replacement cost of the turbines and high failure rate of associated components such as gearboxes, blades, and generators.

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Also, since windmills are set up in remote areas, transporting spares and manpower become quite costly. This is a driving factor in the global wind energy maintenance market.

Wind energy maintenance market is bifurcated into offshore and onshore, based on application.  Offshore windmills are more efficient and yield high productivity, hence it is desirable. However, greater logistic cost, more turbine running hour, along with lack of skilled labor makes offshore wind service challenging when compared to the onshore windmills. Although onshore windmills also have logistics issues and lack of skilled manpower, these factors affect offshore segment to greater extent.  Thus, offshore windmills are one of the prominent segments contributing to the global wind energy maintenance market.

Some of the key players in the global wind energy maintenance market are GEV Wind Power, GES Global Energy Services, World Wind & Solar, RENEW Energy Maintenance, GE Energy, Enercon, BHI Energy, Diamond WTG, TBS Group, and Siemens Gamesa.