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Global VTOL UAV Market Boosted by Growing Scope of Commercial Applications

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Published on : May 13, 2016

ALBANY, New York, May 13, 2016: The report provides a brief analysis of the market’s recent occurrences while additionally providing a forecast of the market till 2020.

Vertical take-off and landing unmanned aerial vehicles provide a unique advantage of not requiring a runway. This allows them to operate in landscapes that cannot allow runways such as rocky areas or a civilized land. Typically, the global VTOL UAV market can be segmented according to vehicle type, into tilt rotor VTOL UAVs, helicopter configured VTOL UAVs, and multi-rotor VTOL UAVs. The latter is further divided into octocopters, hexacopters, and quadcopters. Core functions of VTOL UAVs is to enter and exit tight spaces by providing high stability, control, and the ability to hover.

According to the report, the global VTOL UAV market is expanding at a CAGR of 10.83% within a forecast period of 2016 to 2020. The market analysis performed in the report helps create a descriptive visualization of the state that this market will be in by the end of 2020.

Three major regions are covered in the report: the Americas, Asia Pacific, and the collective regions of Europe, the Middle East and Africa. Each region. These regions are described in terms of the diversity and scope of growth in the segments created according to application. The report also describes the global VTOL UAV market in terms of the overall supply chain of the defense and security industry.

Click here to get more info with TOC in a PDF Format: https://www.researchmoz.us/enquiry.php?type=S&repid=711494

Additionally, the report provides details on the global VTOL UAV market according the applications in the civil-commercial and military-defense areas. As per the findings, the global VTOL UAV market is currently being propelled by a rapidly increasing demand for such vehicles in the civil-commercial fields.

The report also covers the factors that may hinder the progress of the global VTOL UAV market at an optimal rate. The biggest hurdle faced by the market is the current budget cuts made on the defense sector. Defense has always been the leading sector in the global VTOL UAV market in terms of consumption. Its share in the market could dwindle in the near future if civil-commercial demands keep increasing while budget cuts prevent the growth of the defense and military VTOL UAV markets.

The key players detailed in the report on the global VTOL UAV market are Northrop Grumman, AeroVironment, Lockheed Martin, Israel Aerospace Industries, and SAAB. The report also sheds light on some of the other prominent vendors in the global VTOL UAV market, including Prox Dynamics, DJI, BAE Systems, American Dynamics, Aibotrix, Aeyron Labs, and Aeronautics.

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