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Escalating Demand for Protein Substitutes boosts Vital Wheat Gluten Market

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Published on : Jan 07, 2020

ResearchMoz has added a market research report on the global vital wheat gluten market to its expanding database. The report, titled “Vital Wheat Gluten Market - Global Industry Analysis, Size, Share, Growth, Trends, and Forecast, 2019 - 2027” analyzes each and every vital aspect to comprehend trends and growth opportunities in the said market over the forecast period. In order to do this, the report examines demand drivers, restraints, and competitive dynamics that could influence the growth curve of vital wheat gluten market in the forthcoming years. Furthermore, the report examines geographical landscape of the global handheld marijuana vaporizer market along with revenue contribution of each region over the forecast period. 

The report is prepared after an extensive research phase. The primary research phase involved e-mail interactions, telephonic calls, and so forth. Secondary research phase of the report involved reaching out to proprietary databases, trade journals, SEC filings, and annual reports. This, was complemented with extensive interviews carried out with industry experts and opinion leaders. 

The report discusses the competitive landscape of vital wheat gluten market at length. Key companies operating in the vital wheat gluten market are mentioned and each one of them profiled for their distinguishing business attributes. 

Prominent companies operating in the vital wheat gluten market include Blattmann Schweiz AG, Tereos Syral, Beneo, Crop Energies AG, Bryan W Nash & Sons Ltd., Roquette Amilina Ab, Kroner- Starke GmbH, Pioneer Industries Limited, Z&F Sungold Corporation, Manildra Group, Archer Daniels Midland Company, MGP Ingredients Inc., Hodgson Mill Inc., and Bob’s Red Mill Ltd. Each of the companies is profiled for their business attributes of business overview, product innovation, financials, and SWOTs. 

The report points out various factors fuelling the vital wheat gluten market. According to the report, rising demand of wheat gluten for its protein content is a primary factor fuelling the vital wheat gluten market. Due to this, wheat gluten is finding increasing use as a source of protein among vegans. With growing veganism, demand for wheat gluten is likely to rise as plant protein is the sole source of protein for vegan individuals. 

Wheat gluten finds other applications too. It is now used in bakery and confectionery products as a egg substitute. 

Furthermore, growth of nutraceuticals industry is resulting in pacing up of demand for wheat gluten. With rapid rise in demand of nutritional supplements as consumers seek nutrition outside their plate, the demand for wheat gluten is set to rise. This is likely to catalyze growth of vital wheat gluten market. 

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Besides this, wheat gluten is increasingly finding use in the pet feed and animal feed segment. Pet owners today take care of their pets as family spending large sums of money for their well-being. Pets are provided nutritional supplements to prevent deficiencies. The use of wheat gluten for pet food, though currently at a nascent stage is set to gain pace in the forthcoming years. Protein content of wheat gluten coupled with its miscibility with regular pet food are some key factors for their increasing use for well-being of pets and cattle.

Vital wheat gluten is increasingly gaining prominence in the diets of athletes and bodybuilders with digestion problems. Wheat gluten helps athletes and bodybuilders who suffer from celiac diseases and bloating problems. To serve this demand, manufacturers of wheat gluten products are striving to develop new variants such as organic vital wheat gluten. As consumer sentiments for organic foods become strong for health reasons, demand for organic vital wheat gluten is likely to become solid. This will bolster growth of vital wheat gluten market.