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Global UV Curing Powder Coating Market to Expand with Increased Demand for Wooden and Plastic Furniture

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Published on : Mar 16, 2020

The rising demand within the global UV curing powder coating market can be attributed to the need for finishing and coating heat-sensitive products. Use of this coating offers an additional layer of safety to products, items, and furniture made from plastic, wood, or certain grades of alloys. Manufacturing specifications within the industrial sector focus on the use of UV curing powder coatings in several products. Furthermore, growing need for fostering resilience and strength in manufacturing substrates has also given a thrust to the growth of the global market. Therefore, it is safe to prognosticate that the global UV curing powder coating market would accumulate voluminous revenues in the years to follow. 

In a report added by ResearchMoz, several drivers and trends operating in the global UV curing powder coating market have been enunciated. The report focuses on decoding the complex trends operating in this market, and delves into the details of industrial manufacturing. The need to achieve an elegant finish and impart an aesthetic appeal to the end-product has also created humongous opportunities for market growth. Furthermore, use of UV curing powder coating can be classified according to the initial state, spanning into liquid, gaseous, and solid state. 

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Supremacy of UC Curing Power Coating over other Thermosetting Coatings

Supremacy of UV curing powder coating over other thermosetting coatings has emerged as an important driver of demand within the global market. The curing cycle for the former is much faster as against curing cycles of other coatings. Moreover, UV curing powder coatings require relatively low temperatures in comparison to other temperature-sensitive techniques. The vendors in the global UV curing powder coating market endow tremendous opportunities for growth and maturity in the years to follow. The energy dynamics of using UV curing powder coatings have scope for increased optimization. 

Need for High-Performance Finishing Materials

The relevance of finishing materials across a wide array of industries has paved way for increased revenues within the market. Moreover, industrial units are swift to embrace new technologies and techniques that can expedite the process of manufacturing. Therefore, UV curing powder coatings are in great demand across the secondary sector. Moreover, the environment-friendliness of UV curing powder coatings has recalibrated the focus of industrial units towards this product. UV curing powder coating has emerged as a high-performance finishing material that serves several advantages to manufacturers of various plastic- and wood-based products. Henceforth, the growth graph of the global market is set ascend along a lucrative path. 

Use of Wooden Furniture in Multiple Industries

The growing demand for well-finished wooden furniture and soft pieces has garnered the attention of the market players. These vendors are focusing on tying up with manufacturers of wooden items in order to ensure a continual inflow of revenues. Furthermore, the unprecedented use of plastic in a multitude of industries and manufacturing units has also impelled market growth. Plastic toys, bottles, containers, and racks are coated with UV curing powder coating, and this is an important dynamic of market growth. Manufacturing of substrates has become an important task of large manufacturing units. 

Need for Strength and Durability in End-Products

Manufacturing of wooden items necessitates the use of seamless coatings that can enhance the durability, adhesive strength, and chemical resistance of the end-product. The manufacturing dynamics of wooden furniture have undergone key improvements as governments stipulate core specifications and standards for manufacturers. Furthermore, UV curing powder coating helps in increasing the scratch resistance of plastic and wooden items. The electrical conductivity of heat-sensitive substrates can also be improved with the help of UV curing powder coating. Therefore, the global market is expected to usher new opportunities for existing vendors.