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U.S. Testosterone Market Driven by Ageing Population and Declining Fertility Rates

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Published on : Jun 20, 2016

ALBANY, New York, June 20, 2016: The U.S. market for testosterone has been analyzed in a market intelligence report recently added to the rapidly expanding market research report portfolio of ResearchMoz.us. The report is titled “The US Testosterone Market Report: 2016 Edition.”

The market for the replacement therapies for testosterone, a steroid hormone known to have multilateral effects on the health of men, is an important segment of the pharmaceutical industry. Androgen is also produced in women bodies, but in relatively smaller quantities. It plays a supplementary role in keeping things like mood, sex drive, energy levels, and bodily functions smoothly working. In men, however, testosterone plays a major role in prompting these activities and is considered crucial for purposes such as maintaining the adequate level of red blood cells in the body, sexual function, bone growth, and a sense of well-being.

Low levels of the hormone may result in issues such as reduced sex drive, loss of muscle mass, depression, and erectile dysfunction. As a man grows older, testosterone levels start dropping in his body. However, rising age is not the sole factor leading to reduced testosterone levels in the body; factors such as chemotherapy, injury or loss of testicles, chronic diseases, genetic abnormalities, and alcoholism are also equally detrimental for body’s testosterone levels. As the hormone directly affects the reproductive system, endocrine system, central nervous system, and circulatory system, replenishing it with the help of replacement therapies is considered an easy and effective measure.

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Testosterone replacement therapy is, however, linked to high risk of prostate cancer and cardiovascular diseases, due to which, the U.S. FDA has issued regulations regarding the marketing and packaging of testosterone drugs. The U.S. testosterone market is expected to witness healthy growth in the coming years owing to a plethora of factors such as the increasing ageing population, declining fertility rate, rising healthcare expenditure, an increased risk of developing hypogonadism, and the rising population of obese people in the country.

However, the regulatory aspect ruling product packaging and mandating that clear warnings regarding the side-effects of these drugs be mentioned on drug packages and the concerns regarding these risks are limiting the growth of the market to a certain extent.

Some of the major trends observed in the U.S. testosterone market in the past few years include the introduction of new drugs and oral pills, innovative gel techniques, and therapies catering to women consumers.

The report on the U.S. testosterone market gives a detailed overview of the market along with a thorough analysis of major products available in the market presently. The report also profiles the prominent companies operating in the market, including Antares Pharma, Acrux, Endo International, and AbbVie.

Key testosterone therapy products examined in the report include Products Vibex QuickShot Testosterone, OTREXUP, Axiron, LPCN 1021, EpiPen, and Androgel.

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