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Supportive Policy Measures by the Government Drives the United States Hydro Turbine Generator Units Market

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Published on : Apr 21, 2017

Albany, New York, April 21, 2017: The report assesses the market to arrive at its size, competitive dynamics, and growth prospects. It also presents a qualitative analysis of the growth drivers and restraints in the market. The function of a turbine is to change the energy of water, steam, or wind into mechanical energy that in turn makes the generator spin. The generator then converts the mechanical energy into electricity. In hydropower plants, this combination of generator and turbine is called a generating unit. Currently, hydropower is supplying around 17% of the world's electricity and is contributing to over half the clean, renewable electricity output annually, globally.

Depending upon the types of products, the report segments the market for hydro turbine generator units in the U.S. into pico-hydro generator, small hydro generator, micro hydro generator, large hydro generator, and medium hydro generator. The report studies each segment in-depth to understand the revenues, sales, and market shares. It also sheds light on their future trajectory. The small hydro product segment enjoys a lot of popularity in the market, at present. 

Depending upon end-use, the report splits the market into impulse turbines and reaction turbines. The report furnishes information on their current status and outlook in the next couple of years. Geographically, the report segregates the market into the West, Southwest, the Middle Atlantic, the South, New England, and the Midwest.

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The U.S. hydro turbine generator units market is predicted to be fortified by favorable policy measures of federal and regionals governments keen on shifting to renewable energy sources and techniques in order to reduce dependence on highly polluting fossil fuels. Deterrents in the market such as high cost of installations of hydro turbine generator units has had little impact in highly-developed U.S, where cost is hardly a concern. Going forward, investments in research and development to come up with better products with less complicated designs will likely boost the market in the region further. 

Factors posing a challenge to the market for hydro turbine generator units are ecological concerns associated with dams, relocation and rehabilitation of affected stakeholders, and long gestation period. 

The major participants operating in the U.S. hydro turbine generators units market profiled in the report are Harbin Electric, Andritz, Toshiba, Power Machines, Alstom(GE), BHEL, Voith, IMPSA, Tianbao, and Zhefu. The report brings to the fore their product offerings, sales, revenues, marketing strategies, and growth opportunities in the foreseeable future. It also studies the mergers and acquisitions reshaping the contours of the industry.

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