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UK Protection Insurance: Introduction of Retail Distribution Review to Contract Market

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Published on : Jan 03, 2017

ALBANY, NY, Jan 03, 2017: The research report is titled “ UK Protection Insurance: Term and Whole of Life.” It offers an unbiased assessment of this market, taking into account latest trends, opportunities, growth factors, restraining factors, and future growth prospects into consideration. As per the research report, the U.K. protection insurance market is estimated to register a 0.2% growth after a 3.6% drop in term premium income in 2015. The key segments of the market have been discussed and also highlighted, are the leading and declining segments, along with the reasons behind their state in the market. The report also discusses the competitive landscape of the market and mentions market shares held by top players. 

From the last few years, the life protection market has contracted owing to the introduction of the Retail Distribution Review (RDR) and the ensuing exodus of banks providing advice, so that now the value of premiums and the number of contracts are at a much lower levels than before. As per the report, there has been negligible change in both the aforementioned variables in 2014 and 2015. There has been no major activity within this industry and therefore products are being reasonably commoditized so as to make it a price driven industry. The population in the U.K. is under-insured. Consumers in the country are failing to engage with these products. Terms are sold and not bought and since protection insurance is a product that may not pay out, new business figures suggest that the sale of these products is extremely difficult for advisors and consumers. 

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Insurers are entering new domains and also striving to expand and make their presence felt in current markets. Despite signs of stabilization, businesses and consumers are continuing to be unwilling to spend more. These conditions are expected to remain so for the coming years without much of a difference in the U.K. protection insurance industry. The low interest rates and moderate equity market performance are reducing the likelihood of people saving their capital or making use of their capital by investing in annuities and life insurance. Those insurers, who seek enhanced flexibility in their distribution relationships, may be able to fight the sales environment which has become stagnant.  

The report investigates the protection side of the life insurance market in detail, which is that side of the industry that offers financial compensation in the event of severe health issues or death. Taking into consideration protection as a whole, the study concentrates on key product lines of term and also the whole of life insurance. It also studies in detail, the impact of retail distribution review.

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