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Published on : Oct 14, 2016

ALBANY, NY, Oct 14, 2016: The report examines the power industry in the UK and presents reliable forecasts regarding the industry’s likely development in the coming years. The key components of the UK power industry and their changing dynamics in light of the evolving regulatory and economic landscape are analyzed in detail in the report. The report, titled ‘Energy Industry - UK - August 2016,’ is available for sale on the official website of ResearchMoz.us.

The UK has one of the more progressive policies regarding energy generation in Europe, with an increasing share of the total energy production coming from renewable sources. Wind power, in particular, has become a key part of the energy scenario in the UK in the last few years due to the presence of conducive environmental conditions and solid government support.

The role of nuclear power in the UK energy sector has also grown steadily over the last few years. There are 7 nuclear power plants in the UK with 15 nuclear reactors, and a significant portion of the total energy generated in the UK comes from nuclear power. The older nuclear plants in the UK are likely to receive life extensions, while the construction of a new nuclear power plant at Hinkley Point also seems set to take off following approvals received in 2016. Nuclear power is thus likely to remain a key contributor to the UK energy sector in the coming years.

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The UK government has been proactive in supporting the development of an environmentally viable energy framework, which has been key to shaping the UK energy sector in recent years. One of the effects of the solid government support is the reduction in the reliance on coal. Gas-fired power generation has received steady support in the last few years as an alternative to coal-fired and is likely to account for around 30% of the overall power generation in the UK in the coming years. Coal-fired power stations, on the other hand, are on the way out, with their share in the UK’s energy sector dropping from close to 70% in 1990 to less than 30% at present. Coal-fired power stations are expected to be phased out by 2025. 

In 2015, more than 25% of the total energy produced in the UK came from renewable energy sources. However, steady funding is necessary in order to maintain the high share of renewable power in the UK energy sector in the coming years. Energy infrastructure development remains the key aim for leading players in the UK energy sector. 

The report profiles key players in the UK energy sector such as Centrica/British Gas Trading, RWE Npower, EDF Energy, Good Energy Group, ScottishPower, and E.ON Energy.

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