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As Mobility Healthcare Shapes Up, Transportable Exam Stations Gains Momentum for Sound Outcomes, Says Report

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Published on : Sep 26, 2019

With high significance of health monitoring of para military forces deployed at interior locations, need for mobility healthcare is further recognized. For such situations, transportable exam station is one such solution that takes healthcare beyond archetypically static.

This aroused interest of researchers at ResearchMoz to analyze scope of mobile healthcare solutions, especially transportable exam station. Such efforts led to creation of strategic analysis of prospects of transportable station exam market, wherein findings are published in a research publication titled, “Global Transportable Exam Stations Market Insights, Forecast to 2025.”

The report on transportable station exam market aims to define key segments of the said market based on product type, end user, key region, and company. North America, Europe, Japan, and China are key regions studied in the report for demand of transportable exam stations. 

Further, the report strives to provide detailed information of key factors influencing the growth of this market, including demand drivers, opportunities, growth potential, and industry-specific challenges and risks.

The approach involved describing and analyzing figures of sales volume, sales value, competitive index, and recent developments. Precisely, the study involved projection of sales value and sales volume in the transportable exam stations market for each key region.

From a competitive perspective, transportable exam stations market report analyzes developments such as agreements, expansions, new product launches, and mergers and acquisitions. 

For making the report, both top-down and bottom-up approach have been used to present revenue estimations in (US$ mn) and volume estimations in (K units) of the transportable station exam market over the forecast period. 

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By definition, transportable exam station (TES) is a highly portable unit which is housed in a rugged, carry-on size wheeled case. The unit allows a doctor to carry out a comprehensive health investigation from any part of the world using a tablet computer, a real digital stethoscope, examination cameras, and a USB echoscope.