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Timber Wrap Films Market: Global Industry Analysis 2014 - 2018 and Opportunity Assessment 2019 - 2029

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Published on : Sep 06, 2019

A recent market research report published by Research Moz talks about the global timber wrap films market and its overall dynamics. This report of the timber wrap films market offers comprehensive analysis, market shares, key trends, opportunities, and driving and restraining factors that are influencing the growth of the market. Along with in-detail market segmentation, the research report offers key insights and information that are imperative for devising impactful marketing strategies.

Timber wrap films offer efficient packaging that can protect timber during the time of shipment and storage. The timber wrap films are mainly utilized to protect timber from external elements such as moisture and excessive heat. Exposure to such conditions may hamper the finishing of the timber product. Timber wrap films with high levels of friction are mainly used to offer anti-slip cover to the original timber packaging. Barrier films and high strength are used to improve the overall quality of timber wrap packaging. Generally, timber wrap films are used to help timber avoid interacting with excessive weather situations and handle logistical damage. 

Large-scale Applications to Drive Use of Timber Wraps

There are several factors that are positively influencing the growth of the global timber wrap films market. One of the key driving factors for the growth of the market is the increasing use of wood for the manufacturing of furniture. In addition to this wood is being used extensively in the activities of building and construction, in packaging. It is also used as an energy source. This also helping to drive the growth of the global timber wrap films market over the course of the given forecast period of 2019 to 2029. 

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Some of the key players in the global timber wrap films market include names such as Ab Rani Plast Oy., Intertape Polymer Group Inc., Polyprint Packaging Limited, Davidson Plastics Ltd., Scott Lumber Packaging LLC, and Tri Pac Inc. among others.