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Urbanization Promises Major Growth for the Global Termite Bait Systems Market

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Published on : Dec 27, 2019

The rising use of wood in modern furniture, and increased ineffectiveness of conventional anti-termite control are expected to drive tremendous growth for the termite bait systems market. The growing use of termite bait systems to spread baits to other in colonies and rising infestation in offices, cities are expected to create new opportunities for players in the global termite bait systems market.  Dry wood termite often see an opportunity through moisture or wooden planks at homes to infest. These infestation can be really dangerous as in the wrong wooden structural entities, these can destroy the structural integrity. Termites costs billions to city establishments, state governments around the world. Moreover, dealing with termites can be extremely difficult. These often pose a challenge due to their strong resistance and difficult to spread ecosystem. Hence, termite bait systems promise immense opportunities despite obstacles like closing homes and offices for a couple of days. 

The lack of awareness about termite bait systems are expected to present a major barrier to growth. The termite bait systems are conventionally availed from local players who use natural mixtures to get rid of termites. However, the new methods have proven to be far more potent and promise a major area for growth for the unaware consumers.  

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Urbanization to Create New Opportunities for Players 

Urbanization is a key factor to driving growth of the global termite bait systems market. The widespread use of wood in modern furniture and its ability to hold moisture for growth for termites are major reasons for termite growth. Moreover, the increased plantation in urban homes are also major reasons for termite growth. The termite systems can be really effective as conventional methods are proving to be ineffective as termite seems to have developed resistance to them. Termite bait systems are advanced and use a key functionalities against termites, which is often missing in the conventional systems. Termites are slow moving, hence trapping them is not ideal. So, termite baits often spread the bait to the follow termites with the help of one and return with the trapped one to their colonies. The high costs of termite baits remain a challenge. However, increasing competition in the field are expected to drive down costs in the near future.  

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Asia Pacific to Witness Highest Growth 

The global market for termite bait systems is highly lucrative for new players in the upcoming future. The conventional use of wood in North America makes it a promising market of opportunities. On the other hand, Asia Pacific is also expected to drive the fastest CAGR driven growth in the near future. Its large population, rising urbanization, rising disposable income, and moisture in the weather are key factors expected to drive growth. Moreover, the rising opportunity in the region for new players due to innovation is also expected to go up. Increasing investments in research and opportunities due to ineffectiveness of conventional anti-termite controls are expected to create robust opportunities.