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Telecom Industry Business Outlook Points to Expansion and New Product Developments

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Published on : Jun 23, 2016

ALBANY, New York, June 23, 2016: ResearchMoz.us has added a new research report to its database on the telecommunications industry. The report, titled “Telecom Industry Business Outlook and Procurement Report May-October 2016,” can be instrumental in understanding the current priorities of major players in the global telecom industry. Using this information, a user can adjust a company’s expansion or development plans into more successful ones.

According to the report, the global telecom industry is showing a major push towards the development of new product and product areas. This will hold true especially for the report’s given time frame of May to October 2016. Additionally, the report also elaborates on the key expansion plans that telecom companies have initiated into existing markets.

The global telecom industry, over the next six months, is expected to witness an increase in capital spending on the development of new products. The report also suggests that the development of the IT infrastructure will accelerate in the given forecast period.

Almost 25% of the surveyed executives are expecting to see a reduction in the suppliers’ prices. 34% of the surveyed executives believe there will be no change, while 29% of the executives are hoping to see an increase in supplier prices.

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The report also explains the other important procurement objectives in the global telecom industry, which include the reduction of costs in internal operating systems, and an increase in the use of technology.

The report’s regional analysis of the global telecom industry reveals Germany, the U.K., and the U.S. to be the top developed economies that hold substantial share in the global telecom industry. Over the next six months, these regions are expected to show significant growth in telecom products and services.

The global telecom industry is expected to show a higher rate of mergers and acquisitions, holding true to the market’s current state of expansion and development. This applies specially to the emerging markets in the global telecom industry, such as Mexico, India, and China.

The report’s major focus lies in explaining how the global telecom industry has turned to its current set of priorities. Most players in the global telecom industry are focused on enhancing efficiency of operations, create new products, and expanding their operations into current markets. The report explains that most of these targets are being pursued owing to rising levels of competition, increased pressure to contain cost increments, and an overall pressure over product pricings.

At the same time, business executives are expecting a major increase in the capital spending over the IT infrastructure in terms of new product developments and infrastructure development.

The report thus provides a wide-angled outlook of the global telecom industry through various factors, including the change in M&A activities, top business concerns, the modifications in capital spending, the overall procurement budget outlook and the changes made in it, the advent of e-procurement, and an explanation of the supplier prices.

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