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Global Telecom Industry to Find Opportunities in Mobile Connectivity in Emerging Nations

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Published on : Dec 23, 2016

ALBANY, NY, Dec 23, 2016: The report titled “ Telecom Industry Business Outlook and Procurement Report November 2016-April 2017,” is a solid and descriptive analysis that digs into the top priorities that all players in this industry need to pay attention to. The report consequently provides key insights into both developed economies as well as the emerging economies in terms of the unique growth opportunities that each type is expected to provide in the given financial term.

According to the report, the global telecom industry is expected to show an average increment of 10.8% between November 2016 and April 2017. Within these six months, the global telecom industry is likely to gain steam in innovations and development of products and services through the increasingly higher expectations from consumers. The demand is especially high for better data volumes and rates, along with the increasing implementation of on-demand services.

The report shines light on to the modifications made to the mergers and acquisitions activities that generally occur within the global telecom industry. As mentioned in the report, the rate at which leading players take up mergers and acquisitions is expected to increase significantly between the six months forecasted. The primary cause of this is the growing intensity of competition within the global telecom industry. Players are looking to either maintain their dominance or to assert it through aggressive expansion tactics.

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Players in the global telecom industry are likely to broaden their focus on business area expansion in the regions that they currently own greater shares in. The leading players in the global telecom industry are also more likely to focus on product and service development over other business aspects. All these aspects are expected to pull the global telecom industry through from the growing concerns regarding intensifying competition, cost containment issues, and an overall unpredictability of market stocks.

A large number of players are also establishing business in the emerging economies of the world, providing a greater scope of revenue in the global telecom industry. Nations such as Brazil, China, and India are expected to play very important roles in the proliferation of the global telecom industry over the coming years, especially in the field of mobile devices. These nations already hold a very high percentage of smart device users that are demanding for better telecom products and services. The penetration of key players in these regions is expected to be very likely over the coming years with regard to the utilization of data and connectivity in smart devices and mobile devices. The emerging economies are also expected to provide ample opportunities in the global telecom industry in the field of m-commerce. Ecommerce has already impacted businesses heavily in nations such as India and China, and users are showing a great demand for cashless transactions and other m-commerce options, further increasing the revenue generation scope in the global telecom industry.

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