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Soaring Volume of Online Content Compels Telcos to Revise Digital Advertising Strategy

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Published on : Jul 13, 2017

Albany, New York, July 13, 2017: The publication, titled “ Telco Digital Advertising Strategies: Leveraging Data, Technology and Content Assets to Generate Revenue,” offers a holistic outlook on the role of telecom service providers in the worldwide mobile and digital advertising ecosystem. 

The study offers readers an overview of the opportunity available in digital advertising and the key trends that are globally impacting this market. The main business drivers are examined in detail and the participation of various players is studied. Valuable insights into the different revenue models of leading companies help clients formulate profitable decisions and strengthen their presence in the field digital advertising. 

One of the key factors driving spending on digital advertising is the explosive rate at which online content – written, video, and audio – has been growing and being consumed. Advertisers and publishers today are empowered by the growing adoption of automated advertising trading platforms and ongoing advancements in audience analytics. Equipped with this information, advertisers can take real-time decisions in order to improve the results of their marketing campaigns. 

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value-added services by making the most of behavior-based analytics and authenticated user information. The premium content can also be integrated with big data analytics so as to improve sales. Telecom companies will also profit from becoming enablers for players in the ecosystem and for enterprises and by investing in open-architecture platforms. Customer loyalty can also be gained by investing advertising funding in free OTT services. In addition to this, telecom companies can set up horizontal partnerships beyond geographic boundaries and transform the digital advertising vendor landscape. 

The global telcos companies investing in impactful digital advertising strategies are Singtel, Telefnica, Verizon, Indosat Ooredoo, and AT&T among others. While some companies are focused on expanding their content arsenals to improve viewership, others are making efforts to acquire technology assets to as to strengthen their position in the field of advertising. A number of telecom companies are also striving to increase their revenue by offering diverse ad portfolios. The report finds that given the fast growing nature of the advertising industry, telcos are altering their business models to emerge as formidable contenders in the digital advertising market. 

The research report delves into the competitive landscape present in the global market and assesses some of the crucial elements. The research report also examines the value propositions of these companies, their competencies in the field of digital advertising, go-to-market strategy, and respective objective. The in-depth assessment of the how these companies are expected to lead in the coming years offers the readers of this research report a fresh perspective on market dynamics.

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