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Substance Abuse Deterrents and Treatments Market Rides High on Economic Perils of Drug Abuse Occurrences

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Published on : May 06, 2016

ALBANY, New York, May 06, 2016: The complete analysis of trends, regulations, and guidelines, and various approaches adopted to address this global issue is contained in the report, titled “Substance Abuse Deterrents and Treatments - An Assessment of the Technological, Competitive and R&D Landscape.”

The report presents a factual analysis of reasons and remedies for substance abuse and drug addiction perils that the society as a whole is facing. An assessment of technologies that are being utilized by pharmaceutical manufacturers is in the purview of this report as well. The report also includes a series of case studies that showcase newer abuse deterrent formulations (ADFs) that are steadily being adopted by manufacturers of prescription drugs that are commonly abused.  Detailed insights into how ADFs will fare in the future and the factors influencing their growth are presented as well.

The report discusses the vital aspects of the substance abuse deterrents and addiction treatments market. This includes pertinent commercial trends that have been a major factor for the progression of this market. Consistent product innovations by manufacturers to ensure that prescription drugs do not have effects similar to narcotic substances is a prevailing trend in this industry. In addition, technological advancements for substance abuse deterrent formulations are also included herein.

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The report also categorizes substance abuse deterrent products based on the degree of commercialization that these products have attained. Other than this, insights about positive and negative indications about how the highest volume marketed products are performing are included as well. 

From a competitive standpoint, the report looks into the most lucrative product segments for substance abuse deterrents and addiction treatment. This discussion also includes details about leading manufacturers of substance abuse deterrent products with the highest volume of products across a specific geographical area. 

In addition, the report presents insights into the R&D landscape of the said market. Pipeline therapies that are being developed to work and produce results as effectively as current therapeutics are an important part of this discussion. Leading biotechnology organizations and clinical agencies that are involved in these pursuits are mentioned herein. 

Going ahead, the report presents an assessment of addiction-based inferences for molecule selection for the development of novel therapies for the same. Details about companies that are involved in the development of novel therapeutics and their product portfolio are included as well. A further analysis of this includes novel therapies that are expected to treat a range of indications and the developmental stage that most of these therapies are concentrated on. 

Last but not the least, the report presents analytics on how the market will grow owing to the anticipated launch of novel therapies in the years to come.

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