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Step-Down Voltage Regulators See Attractive Application in Compact Automotive Cameras

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Published on : Jan 14, 2020

ResearchMoz.us has announced the addition of a report, titled “Global Step-Down Voltage Regulator Market Insights, Forecast to 2025”. The report is a comprehensive assessment and analysis of the size of the market, key drivers and restraints, major adoption trends, and imminent investment pockets. The study takes a closer look at the current avenues in key regions and highlights strategies and measures being taken by top players to capitalize them. Some of the prominent regional markets for step-down voltage regulators are North America, Asia Pacific, Europe, and the Middle East and Africa. 

The demands global step-down voltage regulators market has been driven by the growing need for user-selected output voltages in the operation of various electrical and electronics devices. They are being preferred over linear voltage regulators especially in cases when the difference between the input and output voltage is several volts. In addition, step-down voltage regulators are equipped with thermal shutdown and reverse-voltage shutdown. 

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Growing demand for voltage regulators that can maximize current output along with step-down the output voltage is spurring the demand for step-down voltage regulators. Manufacturers are focused on increasing the efficiency of these type of regulators. This has also improved the switching frequency. Advent of better synchronous and nonsynchronous switches has also boosted the step-down voltage regulators market. Top players are expanding their array of high performance step-down voltage regulators by adopting next-generation of ICs in the devices. Further, recent slew of devices have included features that offer robust over current protection mechanism.

The market is expected to see the popular demand for step-down voltage regulators with high load capability. Further, the demand for ultra-low power wireless applications is opening new opportunities in the market. Over the past few years, devices with numerous features have fueled the market. Manufacturers and developers have been launching new products to meet the wide cross-section of demands of end-use industries. 

Rising demands of synchronous rectification step-down switching regulators in the automotive applications are also boosting the market. Sizeable revenues are also coming from the sales of step-down regulator in healthcare industry in both outpatient and home settings. Further, these regulators are extensively utilizing in automotive camera modules. The uptake of compact automotive components will indirectly fuel innovations in the step-down voltage regulators market. Apart from cameras, the sales revenues are also bolstered by the demand for step-down voltage regulators in various automotive components, notably in engine, transmission components.

Advancements in sensors and microcontrollers are opening new avenues in the step-down voltage regulators market. Miniaturizations in electronics have paved way to new possibilities in the market. Growing application of these regulators in compact automotive camera modules is a case in point. In the coming years more such applications will emerge which will lead to new avenues in step-down voltage regulators market.

A growing numbers of players have recently engaged in new product development. The study offers a closer scrutiny of the degree of competition and fragmentation in the market. Some of the well-entrenched are Toshiba, Torex Semiconductor, Vicor, RICOH Electronics, Eaton, Eaton Eaton, and Infineon Technologies.