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Fashionable and Specialized Products Gaining Demand in Global Sportswear Market

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Published on : Mar 15, 2017

ALBANY, NY, March 15, 2017: The report details all the micro and macro factors that may influence the demand during the forecast period of 2017 to 2021, and estimates the opportunities in the market until 2021. The report has been prepared to serve as a bankable document in order to make more informed business decisions for the players in this market, many of whom have been profiled in this report too. Sportswear makes for a highly segmented market, both in terms of products and region, and each of those have been examined in order to estimate the opportunities available.

The report observes that besides usability, fashion is influencing the consumers to opt for newer types of products that specialize in certain purposes, and the trend seems to be here to stay throughout the forecast period. For example, urban population are now inclined towards spending extra for exercising footwear that offer comfort or athletic sportswear that provide grip and pressure. Sportswear includes T-shirts, tennis shirts, shorts, tracksuits, polo shirts, hoodies, and shoes, which are used when playing sports and indulging in other physical activities. Besides this changing shift toward fashion and customization, several other factors are influencing the demand positively, including rise in sportswear spending per capita, increasing trend of yoga, popularity of outdoor recreational activities, rising obesity concerns, escalation of ecommerce, mounting number of fitness club members, rapid urbanization, increasing disposable income, and the penetration gym culture. 

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The report also notes a few trends in the global sportswear market, including health awareness, product innovation with advanced technology, popularity of athlesiure, combination of smart clothing and sportswear, and growth of functional clothing. The report also highlights a few factors that may restrain the market from attaining its full potential, such as counterfeit product availability, low negotiating power of the purchasers, and increasing labor cost. Each of these factors have been thoroughly examined in the report and eventual impacts have been estimated.

Geographically, the report studies the opportunities available in the sportswear market in the regions of North America, Europe, and Asia Pacific. For each of these regions, most important country-wide markets have been detected and the valuations have been estimated. According to the report, North America serves most of the demand. The report rates it as an advanced fitness regional market with high levels of health consciousness among the people.
To understand the competitive landscape, the report profiles a few leading companies in the global sportswear market including Adidas Group, NIKE, Inc., PUMA, and VF Corporation. For each of the company profiles, the report estimates the financial strength, overviews their product portfolio, and throws light on recent business strategies.

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