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Global Specialised Silica Market to Witness the Emergence of New Streams of Revenue Generation

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Published on : Jun 08, 2020

The demand within the global specialty silica market is slated to rise alongside advancements in chemical engineering. The wide array of applications for specialty silica, coupled with advancements in formulation technologies, has helped in driving sales across the market. Addition of specialty silica in a range of specialised powders and non-abrasive materials has emerged as an important dynamic of market growth.

Furthermore, manufacturing of specialty silica follows an extensive route of research, analysis, and testing. Therefore, end-users are assured of the quality of abrasion-resistance powders they are using. Owing to the aforementioned relevance of specialty silica, the global market is slated to attract voluminous revenues.

A report added by Research Moz delves into the leading drivers of demand within the global specialised silica market. The report analyses the applications of specialised in major industries, and draws inferences related to market growth and maturity. The need for specialised silica in affluent industries has emerged as sound contributor to market expansion.

Distinct Properties and Applications of Specialised Silica

Specialty silica is used for increasing the tensile strength, tear resistance, and abrasion resistance of transmission and conveyor belts. This is an important consideration from the perspective of market growth. Use of conveyor belts across malls, airports, and retail, outlets has become a generic trend. Furthermore, transmission belts are an important component of the logistics and transport infrastructure of a multitude of industries. Therefore, the total global specialty silica market is set to tread along a lucrative pathway in the years to follow. The ease of converting trimmed blocks and round pebbles of silica into finely powdered specialised silica is an important consideration for market growth.

Marketing and Sales Dynamics of Silica Products

Availability of precipitated silica and silica gel across a range of selling points has helped manufacturers in increasing their annual sales. Moreover, research related to specialised silica, and its source of origin, has also given an impetus to the growth of the global market. Agrochemical defoamers are extensively used across the agricultural sector, and this is an important standpoint from the perspective of market growth. Several other industries such as food and beverages, healthcare, and plastic manufacturing are key end-users of specialty silica. Therefore, the global market can fetch revenues from multiple avenues in the times to come.

Clariant Sells its Masterbatches Business to PolyOne

Clariant is a renowned chemicals company that has sold specialty chemicals for several years. The expertise of the company in manufacturing specialty chemicals for packaging, consumer goods, and healthcare industries has been a matter of recognition. However, the company lately announced its agreement to sell its colour and Masterbatches business to PolyOne. The latter has robust plans to utilise this opportunity to their advantage in the global market. The two entities have agreed to initiate the sale at $1.6 Bn. This move is expected to affect the growth dynamics and settings of specialty chemicals including specialised silica. Some of the notable vendors operating in the global specialty silica market are Evonik Industries SE, Imerys SA, Huber Corporation, Ecolab Incorporated, Wacker Chemie AG, and Tosoh Corporation.

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Premium Developments in Automotive Sector

Use of specialty silica in the automotive industry shall also usher an era of unprecedented growth within the global market. Need for abrasion resistance is a common feature of several industries such automobiles, packaging, adhesives and sealants, and plastics. Moreover, growing use of paints and coatings in the automobile industry is an important trend across the globe. Therefore, the global specialty silica market is expected to ride along a sustainable and growth-oriented pathway. Investments in chemical research by several industry players shall usher a time of unhindered market growth and maturity.