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Report Presents Updated South Korea Power Market Outlook till 2030

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Published on : Jun 16, 2016

ALBANY, New York, June 16, 2016: ResearchMoz.us is a leading provider of world-class market intelligence reports on a large number of industry verticals, including the global power sector. The latest report to be included in this category is titled “South Korea Power Market Outlook to 2030, Update 2016 - Market Trends, Regulations, and Competitive Landscape.” This report of 58 pages provides a highly detailed perspective on the South Korea power market and all its key players, market trends, drivers, and restraints. Information compiled in the report can help players or investors look to the right section of the South Korea power market to act in.

The initial section of the report contains the guidelines required to fully understand the given analytics in the rest of the report. The report provides details on the market structure of the South Korea power market in terms of historical numbers as well as statistical forecasts. The latter includes statistics on the consumption rates and generation capacities of the South Korea power market till 2030.

It includes in-depth analyses on several aspects of the South Korea power market, including the implementation of power projects, the stages that these power projects are at, import and export trends, regulatory structure, and the competitive landscape.

Additionally, the report provides a complete image of the South Korea power market based on factors including rules and regulations, transmission infrastructure, generation infrastructure, supply security, and macroeconomics.

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It has a section dedicated to analyzing the South Korea power market in terms of the regulatory structure regarding the various power generation methods. These include the South Korea power market restructuring, emissions trading programs, the renewable energy policies, and the nuclear power policies in the country. This section adds special focus on the rationalization of coal energy in the South Korea power market.

In terms of types of power, the South Korea power market is broken down into the cumulative installed capacities of each type. These include thermal energy, hydropower, nuclear, and non-hydro renewable energy fields. In terms of supply and demand chains, the South Korea power market is examined according to the transmission, distribution, and trading aspects separately.

The key player in the South Korea power market is the Korea Electric Power Corporation. It is the largest electric utility of South Korea and provides an almost end-to-end electricity provision, right from generation to distribution. The Korea Electric Power Corporation generates nearly 93% of the total power consumed by South Korea, and is primarily controlled by the South Korea Government with a 51% share in the company stakes.

The research report provides a broad overview of the competitive landscape of the South Korea power market while focusing on Korea Electric Power Corporation. This player is analyzed on the basis of company profile and overview, business description, and a SWOT analysis.

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