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Global Solid-state and Other Energy-efficient Lighting Market Drives High Amidst Increased Demand in Construction Sector

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Published on : Dec 12, 2019

The global solid-state and other energy-efficient lighting market is expected to witness robust growth in the near future. The rising demand from construction sector, industries like restaurants, and efficient innovations are expected to remain major drivers of growth in the market. Additionally, the demand for efficient and sustainable lighting solutions is also expected to drive considerable growth in the market. The rising demand for energy, increasing need for energy-efficiency, and growing need for wiser consumption of energy are expected to drive growth for the global solid-state and other-energy-efficient lighting market. Product advancements in the market have resulted in benefits like better battery life and lowered maintenance costs over the long run. The rising growths in attractive and aesthetically appealing solutions are expected to drive growth of the global solid-state and other energy-efficient lighting market

Transparency Market Research has released a report titled “Global solid-state and other energy-efficient lighting market - Global Industry Analysis, Size, Share, Growth, Trends, and Forecast 2019 - 2030.” The report offers the growth scenarios present globally as well as revenues of the overall market. The global solid-state and other energy-efficient lighting market report thoroughly discusses robust growth prospects and prominent strategies implicated by several key players operating in the global market, which are likely to benefit the market growth and grab leading position in terms of revenue in the market. The report is available on the website ResearchMoz.us as well.

North America Is Expected to Remain Key Region

North America region is expected to register highest growth in total revenues, thanks to rising demand from housing, commercial, and industrial complexes. Additional, the region is also witnessing a rising trends towards automated vehicles. These next-gen vehicles are preloaded with amazing capabilities and have already improved the prospect of the auto industry with innovation. However, current sensors pre-loaded remain limited in their ability to detect motion during low light situations. Additionally, the technology is also on the verge of making strong headways in commercial transport industry, wherein commercial trucks remain a major prospect. However, in order to provide safety for the transport for both commercial and personal purposes, traffic management laden with lighting solutions to guide passengers on highways and other destinations are expected to drive significant growth for the global solid-state and other energy-efficient lighting market. 

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Some key players in the global solid-state and other energy-efficient lighting market are OSRAM Licht AG (Germany), Royal Philips Electronics N.V. (Netherlands), Seoul Semiconductor Co., Ltd. (South Korea), General Electric Company (U.S.), Nichia Corporation (Japan), AIXTRON SE (Germany), Applied Materials, Inc. (U.S.), Applied Science and Technology Research Institute Company Limited (Hong Kong), Bridgelux, Inc. (U.S.), Cree, Inc. (U.S.), Acuity Brands, Inc. (U.S.), Advanced Lighting Technologies, Inc. (U.S.), Energy Focus, Inc. (U.S.), Intematix Corporation (U.S.), LED Engin, Inc. (U.S.), Toyoda Gosei Co., Ltd. (Japan), TCP International Holdings Ltd. (Switzerland), Topanga Technologies, Inc. (U.S.), Ceravision Ltd (U.K.), and Bright Light Systems, Inc. (Georgia).