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Efforts to Develop Solar Energy Boosts Solar PV Tracker Market

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Published on : Dec 31, 2019

Researchmoz has announced the addition of a report titled, “Global Solar PV Tracker Market Professional Survey Report 2019” to its expanding database of research reports. The research report presents detailed insights into current trends and opportunities influencing the solar PV tracker market. Based on past and current values, overall market size and revenue projections are provided herein. In addition, the report delves into geographical distribution of the solar PV tracker market to provide revenue projections of key regions over the forecast period. 

Prepared by a team of seasoned analysts, the research report is a valuable guide for entities interested in development of solar energy. The making of the report comprised an extensive research phase. Furthermore, analysts reached out to industry experts and opinion leaders for their valuable insights for growth trends in the overall solar energy space over the forecast period. 

Composed of 115 pages, the report is compiled in a chapter-wise format. The report comprises an array of tables and graphical representations that depict trends and projections pictorially.

Request a Sample PDF copy with detailed Insights: https://www.researchmoz.us/enquiry.php?type=S&repid=2506082

Extensive efforts in several parts of the world to develop solar energy is indirectly stoking demand for solar PV tracker. The equipment is significant for such pursuits to direct solar panels in the sun’s direction. Solar PV tracker are of two types: single axis and dual axis. Fixed-mounted solar panels, on the other hand, tend to be ineffective with the changing direction of the sun rays as the day progresses. 

Among the key regions, Europe and North America hold substantial share in the overall solar PV tracker market. Massive efforts for development of renewable energy and government subsidies for such pursuits are attracting parties to foray into ancillary businesses for the development of renewable energy. This includes products and instruments for development of solar energy. 

Besides this, stringent government regulations to curb environmental emissions is pushing adoption of renewable energy. This is indirectly stoking demand for various equipment to tap into renewable sources and obtain maximum output. 

Some countries of Southeast Asia such as China and India are poised to hold substantial share in the solar PV tracker market over the forthcoming years. Economic growth and rapid industrialization leading to massive demand for energy have necessitated tapping into renewable sources of energy. Development of renewable sources of energy, for example solar energy, requires several equipment for maximum energy output. This includes solar PV tracker among others.

The report studies the solar PV tracker market on the basis of axis, type, and application. By axis, dual axis tracker and single axis tracker are key segments into which the solar PV tracker market is divided. In terms of application, utility, residential, and commercial and industrial are key segments into which the solar PV tracker market is divided. 

The report discusses the competitive landscape of the solar PV tracker market at length. Arctech, Convert Italia, NEXTracker, AllEarth Renewables, Exosun, Haosolar, Scorpius Trackers, Soltec, SunLink, Array Technologies, First Solar, Abengoa, Edisun Microgrids, GameChange Solar, Mahindra Susten, Solar FlexRack, Sun Action Trackers, and SunPower are key players operating in the solar PV tracker market. 

Each of the key companies is profiled for their distinguishing business attributes in this report.

According to the report, the utility application segment is likely to hold leading share of the solar PV tracker market over the forecast period. Large commercial projects of utility companies to tap into solar energy for energy needs is indirectly stoking demand for ancillary equipment. This includes solar PV tracker.