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Solar Powered UAVs Market Looks to the East: Emerging APAC Economies Provide Promise

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Published on : Jul 29, 2016

ALBANY, New York, July 29, 2016: ResearchMoz.us has announced the addition of a new report to its growing market intelligence catalog. The report profiles the global market for solar powered unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) and explains the influential trends observed in the market. The market’s major drivers and restraints are elaborated upon in detail in the report, in addition to forecasts for the solar powered UAV market’s development till 2020. The 66-page report is titled ‘Global Solar-powered UAV Market 2016-2020’ and projects a robust 12.81% CAGR for the global solar powered UAVs market from 2016 to 2020.

Unmanned aerial vehicles are remotely piloted aircraft and are more popularly known as drones. While the military applications of unmanned aerial vehicles have become more popular, aerial drones have several other uses in civil applications, including but not limited to mapping. UAVs can be operated via remote control or via onboard computers. 

Unmanned aerial vehicles are usually powered by onboard internal combustion engines, particularly in the case of larger drones, or smaller electric motors. However, the inclusion of solar power generation units in the drones allows for a much longer operating time. This is the major driver for the global solar powered UAVs market, as solar energy can easily be utilized by a drone while in operation, and unprecedented operating times can be achieved with a highly efficient solar power generation unit, since the drone will continue to generate solar energy as long as it is in the air.

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Solar power is one of many alternative energy generation solutions being used in unmanned aerial vehicles, with hydrogen fuel cells and hybrid-electric units also receiving increasing demand. 

On the other hand, the disparate legal frameworks governing the use of drones in various countries will comprise a key barrier for the global solar powered UAVs market in the coming years. Due to the relatively recent emergence of the technology, many regions are yet to catch up with technological hubs such as the U.S. and Western Europe. This has led to limited scope for the expansion of the solar powered UAVs market, with the increasing use of drones expected to make the adoption of solar powered drones smoother. 

While the technological scenario in the global UAVs market isn’t uniform, most emerging countries have welcomed the use of UAVs with open arms. The use of drones has allowed many countries to connect with their remote areas much more easily, which has made emerging regions such as Asia Pacific immensely lucrative for the global UAVs industry. This is set to be a major advantage for the solar powered UAVs market in developing regions such as Asia Pacific.

The report also looks at the competitive landscape of the global solar powered UAVs market in order to provide insights into the successful strategies being implemented in the market. Major players profiled in the report include Lockheed Martin, Airbus Group, Facebook, Alphabet, Thales, and AeroVironment.

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