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Emergence of “Green” Products Revitalizes Global Softgel Capsules Market

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Published on : Dec 07, 2018

ALBANY, New York, Dec 07, 2018: A recent report by ResearchMoz.us, titled, “Global Market Study on Softgel Capsules: Gelatin-based Empty Softgel Capsules to Witness Decrease in Market Share over the Forecast Period,” furnishes useful information on it. In order to do so, it unravels every facet of the market. Those range from growth drivers and restraints to competitive dynamics. The report segments the global softgel capsules market based on different parameters and examines the potential of each segment.

The report finds that the global softgel capsules market would rise at a steady 4.0% CAGR between 2018 and 2026. At the forefront of driving the global softgel capsules market is the growing crop of health conscious people. They often bank of health supplements to boost their system. This has generated substantial demand for softgel capsules. Another factor driving the global softgel capsules market is the introduction of better techniques for production. Savvy companies and independent research bodies are increasingly experimenting with new materials. For instance, softgel capsules so far have been formulated mainly from gelatin. However, since many have a problem with such animal-derived products, manufacturers have come up with vegetarian products.

The report observes that the “green” products have created quite a buzz in the global softgel capsules market. Around half the consumer base is willing to pay high price for the natural or organic products. This is expected to stoke growth in the vegetarian softgel capsules market. Softgel capsules find usage in antianemic preparations (hematenic preparations), antacid and antiflatulent preparations, antibiotic and antibacterial drugs, anti-inflammatory drugs, cough and cold preparations, vitamins and dietary supplements, cardiovascular therapy drugs, health supplement, and other therapeutic applications.

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Based on end use segments, the report classifies the global softgel capsules market into nutraceutical industry, cosmetics industry, pharmaceutical industry, and research laboratory. It finds that manufacturers of empty capsules are making efforts to come up with versatile and flexible products. Pharmaceutical and nutraceutical industries are at the forefront of taking those up since they are suitable for various liquid and solid formulations. In fact, the global softgel capsules market these days is flooded with a range of products. Those include hydrophilic sandwich (HS) capsules, duocaps, chewcaps, and others.

A prominent trend in the global softgel capsules market is the usage of halal certification from the Islamic Food and Nutrition Council of America (IFANCA). It has helped to increase their consumer by base by tapping into the Muslim population.

Geographically, Europe softgel capsule market is leading with maximum share at present. In the near term, Asia Pacific and North America are expected to gain market share impressively.
Key players in the global softgel capsules market are Fuji Capsule Co., Ltd., Aenova Group GmbH, Sirio Pharma Company Limited, Capsugel, EuroCaps Ltd, and Catalent, Inc.

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