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Design Innovations in Material Sciences Open Abundant Opportunities in Global Smartphone Cover Glass and Glass Casing Market

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Published on : Mar 06, 2017

ALBANY, NY, March 06, 2017: The research offers in-depth insights into current and emerging trends and analyzes prominent advancements in the manufacturing technology. The report highlights that design innovations in smartphones are expected to stir up the demand for different cover glass and glass casing types. It evaluates the impact of disruptive technologies, such as 3D manufacturing, on the strategies adopted by the OEMs and the factors shaping the competitive dynamics in major regions. 

The market dynamics for smartphone cover glass and glass casing is shaped by developments in material choices and recent design technologies used by the OEMs for making smartphones. The market has seen the influx of different materials suited for cover glass based on meeting varied criteria, the major of them being optical clarity, damage resistance, and touch sensitivity. The choice of smartphone glass casing is shaped by various factors: cost and feasibility of the materials used, rigidity, and heat conductivity from the internal components of the phone. Manufacturers offer glass casings with enhanced damage resistance, better optical clarity, and high touch sensitivity to differentiate their products from their rivals. 

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The smartphone cover glass and glass casings market is primarily driven by soaring smartphone sales globally, rising mobile payments, and increasing Internet penetration worldwide. Coupled with these, the increased adoption of near-field communication (NFC) technology has spurred the demand for smartphones that have a range of cover glass and casings. In addition, experimentation in smartphone design focused on enhancing the tuning of radio signals has led to innovations in glass casings for the phones.

On the other hand, strenuous procedures involved with the processing of 3D glass and significantly fragile and brittle nature of glass are likely to impede the growth of the market to an extent. To reduce the hazards of a shattered glass, manufacturers resort to applying anti-shatter films to glass surfaces that can contain shards. On the other hand, active-matrix organic light-emitting diode (AMOLED) and the design of alternative materials for flagship models of smartphone casings are expected to create abundant growth opportunities for market players. Furthermore, advances in materials technology is expected to propel the demand for high-end cover glass and glass casings.

Several OEMs are offering smartphone models with 3D glass to gain a stronghold in the market. Major players vying for a significant share in the smartphone cover glass and glass casing market include Lens Technology Co. Ltd., Zheijang Firstar Panel Technology Co. Ltd., Biel Crystal Manufactory Limited, and G-Tech Optoelectronics Corp.

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