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Report Provides Comprehensive Outlook on Smart Manufacturing Strategies Adopted by Rockwell Automation

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Published on : Jun 10, 2016

ALBANY, New York, June 10, 2016: A new research report recently added to the vast repository of ResearchMoz.us presents an in-depth case study on smart manufacturing strategies adopted by Rockwell Automation. The study, titled “Smart Manufacturing: A Case Study of Rockwell Automation,” provides a comprehensive market analysis, focusing especially on the rise of Rockwell Automation in this market.

Rockwell Automation has emerged as one of the leading companies in the global market for industrial automation in the past few years. In recent times, the company has acquired a number of software, hardware, and service providers as well as system integration enterprises operating in the production process and automation industries in order to support its expansion in the worldwide smart manufacturing market.

In addition to this, Rockwell Automation has recently introduced the ‘Connected Enterprise’ concept that will support the smart manufacturing initiatives of the company. In the core of this concept is to combine operational technology and information technology together under one structure.

This research report presents an analysis of the activities Rockwell Automation is carrying out in smart manufacturing. The key products offered by the company and their application in the real world have also been discussed here.

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Apart from this, the research report evaluates the major trends in the global market for smart manufacturing and their impact on the business of the company. Its development history, emphasizing on the mergers and acquisitions the company got involved in, the formation of its non-profit organization Smart Manufacturing Leadership Coalition (SMLC), its core business, and the smart manufacturing solutions it offers are also been studied in this case study.

Rockwell Automation offers smart manufacturing solutions such as circulation of information capital, network infrastructure, and security to its clients. It also offers services for physical products. In the near future, the company expects to develop a smart manufacturing solution that connects every equipment through standardized specifications.

Further, the research report includes a case study on the application of the smart manufacturing solution at King's Hawaiian bakery and its effect on the regular operation of the bakery. Other prominent services partnerships between Rockwell Automation and its clients have also been studies similarly in this report.

Allen-Bradley U.K., Anorad, CIE, CEDES, vMonitor, GEPA, Incuity, Dase-Sing Packaging Technology, Propack Data, Pavilion Technologies, Guardmaster, Entek, Hengsheng, Interwave, BCI, Sequencia, ProsCon, King's Hawaiian, Baldor Electric Co., Datasweep, Dodge, SoftSwitching Technologies, Compression Rheostat Co., TESCH, China Steel Corp., Hinz, Cisco Systems, ICS Triplex, Jacobs Automation, Intel Corp., CEMEX UK, HIPROM, LeKtroniX, Nestlé, and Reliance Electric are some of the companies with which Rockwell Automation has entered into merger or acquisition or partnership concerning smart manufacturing, states the research report.

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