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Published on : Jul 04, 2017

Albany, New York, July 04, 2017: The report features a detailed market research report analyzing the notable trend that is expected to have a significant influence on the overall development of the sector of smart living. The report is titled “TrendSights Analysis: Smart Living - Integrating intuitive technology across consumer lifestyles and within the home environment.”

The report presents a thorough analysis how the trend is important to the future of the smart living market, the market participants and end users most influenced by the trend, and how manufacturers and brands can capitalize from it. This trend is the integration of technology in run-of-the-mill services and products as the line between online and offline worlds steadily ceases to exist. Smart tools provide consumers new ways to effectively manage and monitor their lifestyles, while smart appliances in the home help the user make life easier and shorten the time spent on a number of domestic chores.

Technology is also increasingly influencing the retail sector; E-commerce giants such as Amazon, for instance, are leading to a massive transformation in the form of making shopping experience more instantaneous and convenient for consumers. A number of factors are expected to bolster the integration of technology across the home and consumer lifestyle sectors. Some of these include the high percentage of millennial population owning a smartphone as compared to people aged above 35 years.

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Research studies also denote that around 59% of global consumers find the idea of a connected kitchen highly appealing. 67% of global consumers say that they would consider in the future or are already using a number of digital tools to manager or monitor fitness or daily exercise regimens. 62% of global users consider the usage of digital tools to manage or monitor their weight while 56% will consider them for their foods or drinks consumption.

The report’s scope includes vast qualitative and quantitative data pertaining to relevant consumer data and buying tendencies that support and drive innovation in the smart living sector. This could help companies operational in the sector gain a better idea of what is majorly impacting the market and design better growth strategies aligned to these trends.

The report helps the reader gain a broader overview of the highly dynamic and rapidly evolving market for consumer goods by gaining workable insights from both inside and outside of their sector of operations. The report also helps the reader gain valuable strategic insights to ease the process of decision making for a better future and growth. The data in the report could also help companies to make better-informed product development initiatives.

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