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Increasing Trend of Internet of Things to Boost Smart cities Market in Asia Pacific

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Published on : Dec 14, 2017

ALBANY, New York, December 14, 2017: ResearchMoz.us has recently announced the addition of a new research report on the Asia Pacific market for smart cities. The research study, titled “Smart Cities in Asia-Pacific: Smart City Initiatives Gain Momentum as Connectivity Improves and ICT Technologies Evolve,” presents a comprehensive study of this market, highlighting the progress in the specified smart cities in the Asia Pacific region.

The research report presents an exhaustive overview of the market for smart city in Asia Pacific and delivers deep and factual insights into this market, by assessing the key trends and various smart city projects being carried out in this region. An evaluation of the value chain and ecosystem dynamics of smart cities in the Asia Pacific region has also been discussed in this research report.

According to the market study, the increasing trend of urbanization, together with inadequate resources, has begun to put pressure on services in cities, which are struggling to keep up in this region. This, resultantly, has created a significant need for becoming more organized in order to ensure sustainability. Since smart city solutions offer opportunities for economic growth entailed by the connectivity, innovation, and efficiency, the need for more smart cities has increased substantially. The availability of technologies, which create novel solutions, have also been aiding the creation of smart cities in the Asia Pacific region, states the research report.

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This 46-page study offers a detailed assessment of the Asia Pacific market for smart cities on the basis of the prominent trends, driving forces, obstacles, and future prospects. Broadly, it provides an analysis of the smart cities across Asia Pacific and their developments. India (Visakhapatnam city), China (Hangzhou city), Singapore (Singapore), Japan (Tokyo city), and Indonesia (Jakarta city) are the main locations on which this study is based.

The research study provides the definition of smart cities in the global context, with an overview of the concept of smart cities, an analysis of the value chain associated with smart cities, and the role of telcos. It further talks about the situation of smart cities in this region, with an assessment of the challenges faced by the smart city market in Asia Pacific and the influence of investments. It also presents an evaluation of the role of telcos' within the smart cities' projects in this region.

The report further discusses the case studies related to smart cities, taking the business model and the strategies of smart city projects in the five leading economies in Asia Pacific in consideration. Lastly, the key findings and recommendations for the participants in this market have been provided in this research study.

The prime objective of this market report is to offer a clear and deep insight into the Asia Pacific market for smart cities for a better understanding to enterprises, consultants, and various other stake holders operational in this market.

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