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Rapid Urbanization across Africa and Middle East to Drive Market for Smart Cities across Region

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Published on : Jan 03, 2018

ALBANY, New York, Jan 03, 2018: Smart Cities in Africa & the Middle East: Gaining traction as rates of urbanization increase is the latest report added in the vast research report database of ResearchMoz.us. The research report talks about the overall landscape of the smart cities market in Middle East and Africa for the given forecast period. The research report covers the Middle East and Africa smart cities market in terms of the latest trends that are prevailing in the market, driving and impeding factors of the market, and the opportunities that may arise in the Africa and Middle East market during the course of the forecast period. The research report also offers an in-depth analysis of the present market dynamics and sheds light on the competitive landscape of the Africa and Middle East smart cities market. The study report is the compilation of the information collected through extensive assessment of the market and the data gathered from the professionals in the industry. The research report also offers vital information on the key market players that are currently plying their trade in the Africa and Middle East smart cities market. The report also maps the overall growth prospects of the market over the course of the given forecast period. 

The initiatives of smart city across Africa and the Middle East are gaining immense traction because of the growing rates of urbanization. This has also led on to put pressure on the services across the city. According to a survey by United Nations (UN) the population living in urban areas has grown from over 20% in the year 1960 to nearly 45% by the fall of 2015. Lack of resources and disorganized nature of swiftly expanding cities are also enforcing governments all across the region to deploy smart solutions to make sure that city services across several cities are sustained. 

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Smart city ventures develop around the accompanying fundamental verticals - transportation and versatility, security, condition/social maintainability and open administrations. The aim of smart city solutions altogether differs starting with one city then onto the next in the locale. For example, African cities have been concentrating on transportation and utilities. More established nations like Israel and Saudi Arabia are centered around enhancing the proficiency of open administrations and in addition on different parts of smart cities, for example, security. Africa and Middle East have different levels of infrastructure for ICT. This poses a serious challenge in deploying the solutions of smart city. Poor infrastructure for telecom in several countries, especially in Africa is creating a lot of problem for the deployment of smart city projects.

Connectivity is critical to the usage of smart city projects. Poor telecom framework in numerous African nations upsets the execution of smart cities. This converts into smart city activities having a extensive focus on creating settled and portable systems.

The smart city value chain has comprise of five levels with expanding levels of association and value include: network administrations, information administration services, service arrangement platform, embedded service solution and incorporated smart city arrangements. Telcos are regularly dynamic in the principal level giving network administrations to smart city arrangements. The income opportunity can be fundamentally lower higher up the value chain.

The governments are the essential partner in smart city ventures, assuming a key part in organizing and expanding financing. Without solid government sponsorship and clear vital plans, effectively actualizing smart city activities would be amazingly testing.

Some of the key players in the Africa and the Middle East market for smart cities include names such as Zain, Ericsson, Phillips, du, IBM, Etisalat, Huawei, Cellcom, Neotel, and Bezeq among others. 

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