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Global Small Wind Turbines Market to Expand as Microgeneration becomes a Visible Trend across the Energy Sector

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Published on : May 28, 2021

Albany, New York, May 28th, 2021: The demand within the global small wind turbines market is set to grow with advancements in the energy sector. The energy sector has become increasingly focused on optimizing the output of various renewable energy technologies. The use of multiple sizes of turbines stems from the need for microgeneration of power. The high costs associated with the development of large wind turbines has led the energy sector to look for alternative technologies and energy generation options. In this scenario, small wind turbines have emerged as a viable option for stakeholders to setup of wind energy generation units. These small turbines have come a long way in generating power for single units. Therefore, the revenue index of the global small wind turbines market is expected to improve in the times to follow.

In this review, Research Moz delves into the details of growth pertaining to the small wind turbine market.

Powering Single Units across Industries

Wave energy generators, solar arrays, and small wind turbines have emerged as important technologies on the energy landscape. SINN Power, Germany has lately developed an idea that combines the synergies of the aforementioned systems to generate optimal energy. Some of the key players operating in the global small wind turbines market are Primus Wind Power, Xzeres Wind, Ningbo WinPower, and ENESSERE SRL.

Cost-Efficiency and Space-Optimization with Small Turbines

Several regions experience strong winds that are enough to power wind turbines of all sizes. However, unavailability of large spaces to set up large wind farms restricts the energy-generation potential of these regions. The development of small wind turbines has helped in improving the energy dynamics of such regions. Moreover, these turbines have also assisted building units and small operators in powering their establishments. The energy sector has acknowledged the use of small wind turbines across small parks, building pavements, and other multi-utility areas. This is an important consideration from the perspective of market growth and maturity.

Focus on Microgeneration of Power

The trend of microgeneration has led several entities to deploy small wind turbines that can power single units. The high power-output of these turbines has compelled energy scientists to extensively promote the use of these turbines. Use of small wind turbines for powering caravans, boats, and miniature refrigeration units has given a thrust to the growth of the global market. Moreover, the trend of microgeneration is gathering momentum across cosmopolitan cities. Energy generated from small wind turbines can be integrated with the central electricity grid to supplement the power sector. A number of cities have shown tremendous enthusiasm in inducting small wind turbines.

Specification of Key Standards for Small Turbine Development in Key Regions

The standards of operation for small wind turbines vary according to regions. The Canadian Wind Energy Association ascertains the range of small wind turbines between 300 kW and 1000 Kw. Development of smaller turbines has become a resilient trend across smart cities that aim at optimizing available spaces. Various quality standards for development of wind turbines have been stipulated in recent times. Installation of small wind turbines follows a pre-planned pathway that is in tandem with other elements of the urban or rural space. These turbines can then be used to power various systems in the near vicinity.

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Accelerated Market Growth in Scandinavian Regions

The global small wind turbine market can be regionally segmented on the basis of North America, South America, Europe, Asia Pacific, and the Middle East and Africa. The Scandinavian countries have exhibited commendable results in renewable power generation in recent times. These countries have developed small wind turbines that can be used to power single-unit utilities and technologies, giving an impetus to microgeneration technologies.