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Use of Wind Energy for Domestic Purpose Aids in Expansion of Small and Medium Wind Turbine Market

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Published on : Sep 10, 2020

Demand for green energy has brought a major shift towards wind energy. The energy source is present in abundance, hence, it is preferable over other energy. Also, the energy harnessing method is also inexpensive, when compared to other sources. In recent years, wind energy has been used widely for industrial purpose. Considering ease and success rate, energy firms are trying to bring the use of wind energy for household application as well. As a result, small and medium turbine market is witnessing significant surge. 

The newly added report in the library of RMoz titled “Global Small and Medium Wind Turbine Market Research Report 2020” provides growth insights of global small and medium market in the course of forecast period of 2015 and 2026.

The market research report has specified the contribution of several drivers and trends in the growth of global small and medium market. Further, it talks of changes in the demand dynamics which might restrain growth of the market in the upcoming years.

In addition, the market report also focus on upcoming opportunities and competitive landscape of the global small and medium market. 

Composed of 116 pages, the global small and medium market report is presented in a chapter-wise format. Each chapter discusses different aspects of the market. The report includes an exhaustive array of graphs and pictorial representations to depict growth trends.

The preparation of the report involved an extensive research phase. Analysts reached out to experts and researchers involved in clean energy production using wind to analyze different dimensions that would shape the global small and medium market in the course of forecast period.

Ease of Use of Small and Medium Turbines is Prominent Demand Driver

Ease of installation, low cost, less space requirement, and low maintenance are some of the features enhancing the adoption rate of small and medium wind turbine. It is widely used for small wind farms, street light power, rural electrification, and roof top installations. Registering applications of small and medium turbines and cost-effectiveness, government bodies are trying to implement it on large scale. To fuel the adoption rate, the turbines are being made available at subsidized cost.

Moreover, regulatory norms to reduce carbon emission and shift towards renewable energy sources are working in favor of small and medium wind turbine market. 

In addition, increasing investment in infrastructure sector is acting as a propellant factor for market growth. 

Agriculture Prominent Regions Adopt Wind Turbines for Cost Effective Energy Generation
Europe has been leading the global small and medium wind turbine market in recent years. Moreover, registering the rate of adoption, the region is anticipate to dominate in term regional segment. High adoption rate is attributed to preference of clean energy. Presence of on shore and off shore sites with good wind speed is a plus factor. 

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Asia Pacific is anticipated to follow Europe. To be precise, China, alone, accounts for 50% of small and medium wind turbine units. The trend is likely to be followed in the course of forecast period. Further, developing economies are adopting use of wind turbines for energy generation. Particularly, agriculture prominent areas are major consumers of small and medium wind turbines. These factors are projected to boost small and medium turbine market in the coming years.

Some of the key players of small and medium wind turbine market are XZERES Wind Corp., S&W Energy Systems, Bergey Wind Power, EN HY Energy, ESSERE SRL, Oulu, Northern Power Systems, Gaia-Wind, Tozzi Nord Srl, Ningbo WinPower, Primus Wind Power, Ghrepower, and Eocycle.