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Marketers Need to Pay Attention to Decision Simplicity to Enhance their Visibility Among Consumers

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Published on : Jul 04, 2017

Albany, New York, July 04, 2017: The report analyzes how brands can facilitate demand for a less complicated lifestyle. It provides insights into various routes by which products can align with the trend of simplicity. To explain this, it uses examples of best-in-class innovation. For a coherent understanding, it also compares the presence of this trend in different industries across the fast moving consumer goods (FMCG) sector. It also helps the existing and emerging players in learning about the key opportunities with this trend.

The lifestyles of people around the world are rapidly evolving. They have witnessed the birthing of some phenomenal and advanced products over the past few decades, however, they are leading more stressful, complicated, and fast-paced lives than ever before. Therefore, they are seeking for simpler lifestyles. By simplifying their product choices and all-in-all their lifestyles, they get a form of relief from modern lifestyles. Thus, organizations are paying attention to simplicity. 

As per the findings of the report, 74% of consumers globally feel that living a less complicated lifestyle helps in creating a feeling of wellbeing. Too many choices also make consumers confused and women are among those groups who are most likely to agree to it. Brands should be more attentive in communicating the differences between products in their portfolios.

Click to get more details with TOC in a PDF Format: https://www.researchmoz.us/enquiry.php?type=S&repid=1157459

A tool that is trending among marketing organizations for gauging the effectiveness of consumer engagement efforts is the “decision simplicity index,” a measure of how easy it is for customers to gather or comprehend information about a brand, how much trustworthy can they find the information, and how readily they can choose among their options. The more convenient a brand makes the purchase decision journey for consumers, the higher it scores on the decision-simplicity scale. Brands that have higher scores are more likely to be purchased, repurchased, and recommended.

Incorporating decision simplicity with marketing orientation and aiding customers in confidently completing the purchase journey is an intense change, something that generally requires marketers to think something out of the box and rethink how they communicate their ideas to the world. Brands that are usually the torch bearers set great examples. 

Brands religiously following decision-simplicity strategies make full use of information from four sources – clickstream analysis, ad-effectiveness and campaign-tracking information, social media monitoring, and individual consumer surveys – to help consumers in navigating. Various organizations who are highly dependent on digital platform are focusing towards sifting through search data to understand how search terms and the type of search platform, which are mobile or desktop, point towards customer intent and position on the path.

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