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Saudi Arabia Inbound Tourism Expected to Increase Post Pilgrimage Quota Elimination

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Published on : Oct 13, 2016

ALBANY, NY, Oct 13, 2016: The latest report, titled “Travel and Tourism in Saudi Arabia to 2020,” is a detailed explanation of the factors that are expected to influence the tourism industry of this region till 2020. The report 113 pages provides descriptive interpretations on the Saudi Arabia tourism sector and analyzes the existing data on the market. This includes details on the travel intermediaries industry, car rental services, hotel services, airline data, and tourism flow and expenditures.

According to the report, the Saudi Arabia tourism industry suffered a hit over the past few years due to the reductions in the amount of incoming tourists that were allowed for pilgrimages. The overall reduction in inbound tourists to Saudi Arabia was visible in 2015 after a marginal reduction in Hajj pilgrims from outside the country by -0.3%. The report states that 2015 was the final year of the country imposing tourist volume restrictions due to the completion of several construction projects that can accommodate the high tourist volumes. As per the Saudi Hajj Ministry, the expected number of inbound pilgrims is expected to increase to nearly 6 mn in 2016. This number is expected to reach 20 mn by 2020.

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The push to improve the nation’s tourism industry also comes from the need shown by the Saudi Arabia government to diversify its economic dependence on industries apart from oil and gas. The tourism industry not only allows a significant opportunity for the country to do so, but also helps showcase its rich heritage to the world. This is resonated in a statement made by Sultan bin Salman, the prince of Saudi Arabia, in April 2016. He stated that while the country has been open for mostly business and pilgrimage purposes, it will soon be open to accept tourism on a broader scale.

The Saudi Arabia tourism industry is also expected to benefit greatly from the completion of the Abraj Kudai hotel. It is expected to be the largest hotel in the world with 10,000 rooms and will be open to public some time in 2017. The hotel is a US$3.5 bn project and comprises 12 towers. Two of these towers are expected to cater to five-star amenities while the remainder will be four-star accommodations.

The report on the Saudi Arabia travel and tourism industry hopes to enlighten its users with details on the possible trips and transportation modes currently available and the overall expenditure being made across the various tourism related categories. These include inbound and outbound tourism, as well as domestic tourism. The report also provides a detailed analysis of the Saudi Arabia tourism industry in terms of its travel intermediaries, car rental plans, hotel services currently available, and airline budgets and plans.

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