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Rx-to-OTC Switching a Profitable Strategy for Companies with Expiring Patents

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Published on : Dec 11, 2017

ALBANY, New York, December 11, 2017: The prestigious repository of ResearchMoz.us now contains another important market intelligence report, titled “Current and Future Trends in Rx-to-OTC Switching with Insight from Key Industry Opinion Leaders.” The report, as the title suggests, has been prepared by proven research analysts and provides insights into the existing and expected factors that will ensure a growing market for Rx-to-OTC switching, taking inputs from a number of panelists. The report aspires to serve as a reliable business tool for buyers such as pharmaceutical companies, government agencies, health organizations, research institutes, and venture capitalists. 

Healthcare is essential for everyone and often, need for medication is immediate owing to pain and other factors. Frequently, it is not possible for sufferers to go through the process of meeting a medical practitioner for a prescription and then start the treatment, which may be due to lack of mobility, remoteness of current location, high cost of advice, and others. As smartphones go ubiquitous, patients are now able to understand their own physical issues and gain knowledge about some of the common disorders that can be fixed with a few tables and syrups. For these patients, Rx-to-OTC comes in very handy, as they bypass the need for a prescription and allows the buying of medicines at the stores or online. This is the primary driver of the global Rx-to-OCT switching market.

Even from a pharmaceutical company’s perspective, Rx-to-OTC switching is highly profitable as consumers come for their common products directly and around the clock. Consequently, a number of pharmaceutical vendors are pushing to earn the tag of Rx-to-OTC switch for their products, and thereby providing a traction to the market. The report also throws light on recent changes in the healthcare infrastructure in the U.S., growing concept of personalized therapy, and impact of smart healthcare including self-diagnosis and health management. Some of the other trends that must be considered by the vendors of this market are: increasing population of geriatrics, rapid industrialization and environmental pollution, changed lifestyle of urban population leading to sedentary working environments, stress, and fast life.

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On the basis of overall revenue, the over the counter pharmaceutical market has been bifurcated into four main categories: cold, cough, gastrointestinals, and allergies such as analgesics and dermatologicals.

For the region of Europe, the report explores the European regulatory guidelines for over the counter drugs, growing need to increase harmonization of regulatory process in various countries under the union, improvements in patient case, and Brexit. For the developed country of the U.S., which is a premier target of pharmaceutical companies, the report explores the existing regulations, the approval process for Rx to OTC switch, a dedicated chapter on FDA approved OTC switches during the timeframe of 1976 to 2016, and their impact. In Asia Pacific, the report throws light on the potential of the market in India, China, and Japan, although countries such as Australia, Canada, Poland, Germany, Sweden, South Korea, and Russia have also been identified as profitable.

The report also contains a dedicated chapter on the recent mergers and acquisition in the OTC drugs market, and observes that nearly half of the deals did not reveal the valuation while the companies continued to focus on asset transactions and consolidate their market position. Five case studies have also been included in the report, including Xyzal Allergy 24HR, Differin Gel 0.1%, Nexium 24HR, Nasacort Allergy 24HR, and Oxytrol For Women. For each of these, the report provides elaborated overview, financial impact, and the benefits it offers.

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