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Automation Prominent Trend in Roll Forging Press Market

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Published on : Dec 19, 2019

ResearchMoz.us has announced the addition of a report, titled “Global Roll Forging Press Market Insights, Forecast to 2025”. The study offers a detailed assessment of the key avenues, recent technological advances, and emerging regional markets. The assessment takes a closer look at the strategic moves made by top players around the world. The report offers insights into the macroeconomic dynamic prevailing in key regions that include Japan, North America, and Europe. 

The drive for the roll forging press markets stems increasingly from the steady demand for forging for a range of metal workpieces to produce structures for various industries. Key industries where the forged metals are used include automotive, construction, and aerospace. The growing demands for hardware tools and engineering machinery in numerous industrialized nations is a key trend bolstering revenue generation in the roll forging press market. Rapidly growing numbers of metalworking processes in such nations is a key growth dynamic in the market. Closed, extrusion, and die forgings are major type of techniques used in roll forging press. 

Over the past several years, rapid strides have taken place in extrusion processes for various metals and alloys. Stridently, the ancillary equipment and machinery used for roll forging has become more automated, reducing the reliance on operators’ skill. This is a prominent trend that will continue to shape the contours of the market in the coming years. 

Advent of high-precision systems has enabled the development of complex shapes for the aerospace industry. The market will likely see new avenues from the growing popularity of energy-efficient hydraulic systems. Growing demand for specialty shaped rolls has expanded the avenue for equipment manufacturers in the roll forging press market. Substantially rising use of roll-forged components in the aerospace industry is also boosting the market. In developed regions, roll forging presses are being extensively utilized in automotive and truck applications. Growing sales of powertrain components in wide range of shapes and in performance parameters have spurred the application of roll forging press. 

Manufacturing industries using roll forging press have recently benefitting from deployment of better control software integrated with the equipment. Considerable advancements in automatic roll forging machine are also expanding their freedom to impart different design and shape to the forged materials. The market has seen growing demand for extrusion press designs for non-metal presses. In various regions, the aerospace industry has benefitted from the application of roll forging press processes to produce non-ferrous materials for commercial jets and piston-engine aircrafts.

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The revenue potential of the roll forging press market is growing on the back of the advent of new types of superalloys. Key superalloys include are based on nickel, cobalt, and iron. These are extensively used in roll forgings done for the aerospace industry. The choice of the alloy materials is based increasingly on the ease of machining, the structural integrity aimed at, and the cost. The aim is also to reduce the inspection cost and hassle.  

Of the various regions, North America is a prominent region in the roll forging press market. Several providers of metal extrusion processes in the region are constantly trying to improve the technologies used. A few top players have been aggressively expanding their slew of advanced automation systems. Industrialized nations in Asia are emerging as strong revenue streams for manufacturers and vendors in the roll forging press market.

Some of the key participants in the roll forging press market are China National Erzhong Group, Mecolpress, Lasco, Fagor Arrasate, Schuler Group, Sumitomo Corporation, Komatsu Limited, Fagor Arrasate, and Mitsubishi.