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Published on : Oct 07, 2016

ALBANY, New York, Oct 07, 2016: The report tracks the development of road and rail construction in the Middle East and Africa and provides information on the ongoing projects and projects likely to start or be completed in the coming years. More than 300 CIC reports have been used to compile this study, which thus acts as a comprehensive must-have document for players interested in making the most of the promising opportunities in the construction of rail and road infrastructure in MEA. 

Rail and road networks are vital in the infrastructural development of any region, as supplies of various kinds need to be physically transported between various locations. Africa, where many regions lack even basic infrastructure, has thus become a prime venue for road and rail construction industry players due to its potential in the coming years. The Middle East is relatively more prosperous than Africa, but there is still significant need for road and rail construction due to the presence of several rapidly developing economies in the region. 

The total value of rail and road construction projects in the 14 countries mentioned in the report was US$783.4 bn in August 2016. Steady government support and the growth in foreign investment in recent years have been massively helpful for several of the countries examined in the report. Railway projects were the larger revenue generator in the Middle East and Africa, with the valuation of rail projects in the 14 countries totaling close to US$450 bn. This represents a dominant 57% of the total valuation of the projects. 

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Nigeria is the leading contributor to rail and road construction in the Middle East and Africa and is likely to remain so in the coming years. Nigeria’s rail and road construction pipeline, worth US$151.6 bn in 2016, comprises more than 20% of the total valuation of the 14 countries covered in the report. The dominance of rail construction over road construction is also conspicuous in Nigeria, with the country’s rail construction pipeline being evaluated at US$119.3 bn.

The most expensive construction project in Nigeria is the Trans-West African Railway, which is expected to start in 2018 and cost US$59 bn, is one of the 10 most expensive projects covered in the study. Nigeria also has two other projects in the top 10, demonstrating its position as a prime regional leader. 

The report covers the rail and road construction scenario in Nigeria, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Kuwait, Qatar, Algeria, Morocco, the UAE, Tunisia, Botswana, Iraq, Tanzania, and Kenya. Key projects in each country are analyzed in the report, in addition to a more generic overview of the regional market’s position in the overall market and the part it is expected to play in the rail and road construction industry in MEA in the coming years. 

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