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Perpetual Fixtures and Fitting Operations in Several Industries Increases Demand Within Rental Mobile Work Platforms Market

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Published on : Feb 05, 2018

ALBANY, New York, Feb 05, 2018: The market for rental mobile work platforms has gained momentum in recent times on account of the utility offered by these platforms to industrial and commercial units. Mobile work platforms are aimed at enhancing the productivity of workers and reduce the risk of injuries caused by toppling of hangers or ladders. These platforms have garnered foremost significance in the constructions industry where the risk of injuries caused to employees is very high. The mobile work platforms offer comfort to painters, masons, plumbers, and electricians who often suffer injuries due to prolonged hours of uncomfortable working positions. A report by ResearchMoz titled, “Global Rental Mobile Work Platform Market Research Report 2017” elucidates the various forces within the market that contribute to the progress of the market. A comprehensive account of several market drivers has been included in the report to help stakeholders in an analyzing the market. Moreover, the report presents facts and figures about key parameters such as market share, market value, and growth rate. 

The mobile working platforms market is driven by the growing intra-industrial activities. Since it is important for industrial workers to elevate to inaccessible areas of their workplace, the mobile working platforms are rented across a wide range of industries. The growth of maintenance and construction work is an inherent part of large industries or commercial units. This makes it imperative to have mobile work platforms and increase the efficiency of operations. The mobile work platforms are used for temporary work such as fixing and fitting. This makes them different from elevators or cranes. In industries requiring meagre works without the need to lift heavy weights, it is impractical to have cranes and elevators that incur huge expenses. This propels the demand for rental mobile work platforms that incur low expenditure.  Mobile work platforms are customized to carry fragile materials such as glass that further expands the scope of their utility. Electrical work especially requires the use of these platforms that are often insulated to avoid electric shocks. This is also an important standpoint for the growth of the market.

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Along with the extrinsic and intrinsic market drivers, the report on the global market for rental mobile work platforms also includes the potential restraints. The cases of intractability of these devices and the lack of customization are expected to hinder the market. It is important to consider these hindrances to counter them with pragmatic solutions that would attract the customers. Furthermore, the opportunities that float in the market have also been expounded in the report. The researchers have made ardent efforts to sketch a holistic outline of the market in order to assist market players and stakeholders. The contemporary trends that could amplify the scope of the market and provide growth spaces for market players have also been explained. 

The market for rental mobile work platforms is geographically segmented into North America, China, Europe, Southeast Asia, Japan, and India. The proclivity towards nimble solutions in the North American and European regions has given an impetus to the regional markets. As industrial development tends forward, other regions are also expected to flourish in terms of market growth. The report gives an overview of the factors that influence demand in each of these regional pockets. 

The current market players are Haulotte, MEC Aerial Work Platforms, Terex,Snorkel Lifts, V-tech Hydraulics, JLG Lift, Zhejiang Dingli Machinery, Caterpillar, Tadano, and Mtandt.

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