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Worldwide Rehabilitation Robot Market is predicted to grow exponentially to reach US$1.1 bn by 2022

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Published on : May 27, 2016

ALBANY, New York, May 27, 2016: The report provides a comprehensive study on the market and comprises data about the current scenario as well as the growth prospects of the market. A number of market dynamics such as drivers, challenges, opportunities, and trends prevalent in the market have been presented along with their impact analysis. The new technological advancements taking place in the market and their impact on the development of the market in the forecast period from 2016 to 2022 form a key part of this study.

The rehabilitation robot market was valued at US$221.4 mn in 2015 and is predicted to grow exponentially to reach US$1.1 bn by 2022. The report starts by presenting the market’s overview, including the definition of rehabilitation robots and the prime forces fuelling the growth of the overall market.

Rehabilitation robots refer to a field of research involved in the understanding and augmentation of rehabilitation by the utilization of robotic devices. Rehabilitation devices involve automated processes and utilize microprocessor technology that is controlled by a software. It involves custom-made robotic devices for assisting numerous sensorimotor functions, advancement of various schemes for assisting in therapeutic training, and gauging the sensorimotor performance of the patients. These robots are majorly utilized as therapy aids rather than assistive devices. In addition, rehabilitation utilizing robotics has been well tolerated by patients and is immensely effective for individuals having motor impairment, particularly stroke. 

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Benefits related to rehabilitation robots such as their effective use as assistive devices and the lowered cost of recovery of patients will propel the growth of the market. These robots help in the treatment of various medical conditions and act as disability therapies, hence boosting the growth of the market. Moving further, the market’s description has been presented. This section covers the key application areas of rehabilitation robots, coupled with an analysis of the new therapies introduced in the market. For instance, new therapies for stroke rehabilitation include botulinum injections, constraint-induced movement therapy (CIMT), dynamic splinting, electrical stimulation, robotic therapy devices, partial bodyweight-supported treadmill, and virtual reality. 

In the following section of the report, the prime trends within the market have been presented. These include the utilization of video game technology in physical therapy, running activities with robots, and the utilization of telemedicine within physical therapy. Next, the various types of rehabilitation assistive devices or equipment have been presented along with presenting their expected market shares in the forecast horizon. These devices are utilized in rehabilitation clinical facilities. Karman Xo-202 Standing Wheelchair Power Stand Power Drive and Ekso Bionics Robotic Suit, among others are the names of some of the equipment. The prime players dominant in the global rehabilitation market are Myomo, AlterG, InMotion Robots, Ekso Bionics, Hocoma, and Patterson, among others.

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