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Published on : Aug 08, 2017

Albany, New York, August 08, 2017: The report, titled “ Rainwater Harvesting Market in India 2017-2021,” contains comprehensive assessment of all factors that may influence the demand for this new method of harvesting in vastly populated country of India, segments the market on the basis of end-users and application, and profiles a number of leading companies currently operating in this market in order to represent the competitive landscape. The report provides market overview, size and forecast, as well as the Porter’s five forces analysis.

As per the findings of the 67-page report, rainwater harvesting, which is a management technique of accumulating and storing rainwater in infiltration ponds, dams, and trenches. Rainwater harvesting not only offers financial benefits, it also provides resource savings, and hence the demand in the India rainwater harvesting market is projected to increment at a CAGR of 6.56% during the forecast period of 2017 to 2021. Rise in residential construction activities in the emerging economy of India is one of the key driver of rainwater harvesting market in the country, while growing demand for industrial water and wastewater treatment plants is challenging the market from attaining its true potential. Some of the key trends highlighted by the report that will provide traction to the rainwater harvesting market in India are: growing usefulness of rainwater harvesting for ground water recharge, rising demand for rainwater harvesting system in Indian railways, and rising patents filing.

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Application-wise, the report segments the rainwater harvesting market in India into surface-based harvesting and rooftop-based harvesting. Among these, surface-based harvesting segment is most profitable, driven by factors such as sustained requirement of fresh water throughout the year, eco-friendly solution, and low initial investment with remarkable ROI. On the other hand, on the basis of end-users, the market has been categorized into residential and non-residential. Currently, the residential sector segment accounts for the maximum shares of the market, gaining favor from factors such as rising population, growing requirement of accommodation, green building certifications, and increased residential construction activities.

The report observes a highly fragmented nature of competitive landscape in the rainwater harvesting market in India, distributed between a number of local and state-wise vendors. In the near future, escalated support from government and incrementing water scarcity is expected to intensify the competition even further. Some of the leading companies identified by the report in the India rainwater harvesting market are: KRG India, D&D Ecotech Services, Osmosis India, N.S.& Associates, and Water field technology. Some of the other notable players profiled by the report are: ERA Hydro-Biotech Energy, AZAD CONTRACTORS & TRADERS, Alfaa UV, Sheetal Tanks, Devi Polymers, Global Aqua, FARMLAND RAINWATER HARVESTING SYSTEM, JAD FERROCEMENTS, LAHS GREEN INDIA, Life Green Systems, Kelvin Water Technologies, Rostfrei Steels, Wetcomb, and Sunlight Consultancy.

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