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Growing Occurrence of Cancer Boosts Radiotherapy Patient Positioning Accessories Market

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Published on : Sep 25, 2019

The global radiotherapy patient positioning accessories market is expected to witness a significant growth during 2018 to 2028, states a TMR report. The rising prevalence of cancer cases and the need for cancer therapies are projected to contribute towards the expansion in the radiotherapy patient positioning accessories market. 

Low Cost Devices to Expand Market 

The success of treatment does not just depend on delivering a right amount of radiation during the treatment process. The success also depends on how the patient is positioned while administering the treatment and what are devices and accessories used to determine the maximum result out of the therapy. Therefore, to ensure comfortable positioning for the patients and as well for clinicians support accessories such as neck support, head support etc. are needed.

Also, using electronic portal imaging also ensures a good patient positioning. This may aid in the growth of the   global radiotherapy patient positioning accessories market. Besides, rising awareness among patients are also expected to surge the market. 

These positioning devices and accessories are available at a lost cost from various manufacturers and suppliers. Although these are pre made and in standard form, the in house facility of fabrication of such customized devices would help in achieving precision during the radioactive therapy. 

Several radioactive departments are developing in house devices to cater to different patients with different needs. They are focusing on development of cranio spine, breast, and pelvis friendly devices. This might result in the growth avenues of the global patient positioning accessories market in the future. 

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North America to Dominate Market 

The large share of the global patient positioning accessories market is expected to be held by North America. This is mainly due to rising cases of various types of cancer and manufacturing of accessories using latest technology. Simultaneously, Europe is also expected to emerge as a lucrative region in the growth of the patient positioning accessories market during the forecast period, reveals a TMR report.