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Difficulties in Establishing Stronghold to Limit Growth of Pureplays in UK Online Clothing & Footwear Market

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Published on : Nov 17, 2016

ALBANY, NY, Nov 17, 2016: The report is titled “ Online pureplays in UK Clothing & Footwear ” and is available for sale on the company website. The report forecasts online pureplays to account for over one-fifth of the online clothing and footwear expenditure in the UK, which reached US$7.6 bn in 2014. Despite the progress shown by the online retail sector, the continued investments by multichannel players such as H&M and Topshop will restrict the growth potential for pureplays in the next five years. 

As per findings published in the report, ecommerce is likely to account for over 24% of the overall spending by the clothing and footwear sector in the UK. The relative ease for newcomers to venture online rather than in brick and mortar stores has resulted in rife competition online. However, pureplays often find it difficult to establish brand awareness online, which hinders them from emerging as key players. According to recent reports, smaller online pureplays scored below average in terms of consumers visiting and buying products from the retailers. Conversion is rate is stronger in case of large players. 

Pureplays held about 22.3% of the UK online clothing and footwear market in 2014. However, with time they are encountering difficulties in establishing a stronghold in the online community due to various reasons, which negative affect their growth rate. Using industry-leading analytical tools, the report identifies the areas of interest for the market. The factors positively influencing the market are highlighted, while the ones restraining its growth are discussed in detail. 

Click to get more details with TOC in a PDF Format: https://www.researchmoz.us/enquiry.php?type=S&repid=488386

Besides this, the report also includes a list of the UK’s top ten online clothing and footwear retailers in 2013. The share held by biggies such as ASOS and Amazon in the market is calculated to gauge the impact of strategies they adopt. According to the report, the cumulative share of the companies accounted for 59.3% in the UK online clothing and footwear market in 2014. 

Furthermore, a round-up opportunities for the companies operating in the market is provides, which makes the report a comprehensive study of online purplays in the UK clothing and footwear market. Besides updating stakeholders about the prevailing market dynamics, the report also provides recommendations for online pureplays to top the game and enjoy sustainable growth. 

The online retail sector in the UK is registering a staggering growth rate. While this brings in good news for the big players, it toughens the situation for smaller pureplays further. Rapid expansion of the market ensures more intense competition, thus providing little scope for smaller companies to establish a stronghold in the market. 

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