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Public Cloud Application Services Market: IT Security and Data Storage at the Helm of Market Development

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Published on : Dec 28, 2017

ALBANY, New York, December 28, 2017: The global cloud application service market has been a media of growth and development for an array of other industries. This has propelled the demand for the market which is expected to continue soaring high in the coming years.  A report by Researchmoz titled ‘Public Cloud Application Services Market: North America to remain the most lucrative market throughout the forecast period: Global Industry Analysis (2012-2016) & Opportunity Assessment (2017-2022)’ sheds light on the various factors that have augmented the market in recent years. With the pervasiveness of cloud software, cloud computing, and cloud applications, the market for cloud application services is riveting to fruition and is anticipated to trickle its effects across other industries. Various industrial longitudes including manufacturing, pharmaceuticals, and design and technology have entrusted the security of their data into the domain of cloud applications where the information gets stored at an external source. This has revolutiozed the landscape of IT across multiple industrial longitudes, thus, magnifying the demand for the cloud application services market globally.

In a scenario of rising security issues with regards to IT, the cloud application services have become the harbinger of safety for various industries. A number of experts across the m multimillion dollar industries have empathized on the vitality of cloud applications in effectuating the functioning of businesses. Big data has been at the cynosure of development for various firms and the assistance offered by cloud technology in this regard has substantiated the demand within the market.

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The efficiency of operations which is essentially a part of cloud applications forms the prerequisite for the success of enterprises. Moreover, the infrastructures needs can be outsourced to third-part service providers who can manage the discrepancies and offer apt solutions. When demand within companies is on a rise or suffers a decline, the scalability of these services can effectively adjust according to the need. Hence, the market for cloud application services dwells a number of potentials for the market to grow and progress. Owing to these widely employable functions, the market for cloud computing is on a rise and is expected to see a bright future. 

The sluggish adoption of these services is an unfavorable trend for the global market in cloud application services. A number of industries are still unaware or unwary of these services which slackens the market progress. Despite that, the domain of cloud applications is brimming with potential and is expected to magnify in volume and reach. 

The report presents a regional outlay of the market which includes the key regions where the market has gained momentum, and North America is expected to be the market leader. Since industrial development is a global phenomenon the market for cloud based applications services is also spreading across the entire world. The market has been segmented into the following regions to study the demographics of each region and gauge the market potential. Sub-segmentation of the regions has helped researchers in carrying out an intrinsic study of the market. The various regional markets include Latin America, North America, Asia Pacific excluding Japan, Japan, Europe, and the Middle East and Africa. 

The competitive landscape forms an important part of the report wherein the strategies employed by various market players to gain market share have been expounded. In a scenario of rampant innovation and technological advancements, the market players are expected to bank on their ability to bring newer and savvier advancements to keep their growth stakes high. The various market players include Amazon Web Services Inc., Salesforece.com, Inc., Alphabet, Inc., and IBM Corporation. 

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