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Demand for Healthy Alternatives to High-Calorie Shakes to Aid Growth of Probiotic Yogurt Market

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Published on : Sep 04, 2019

Yogurt has emerged as a sapid food option for health-conscious individuals. Several companies have tapped into the market gap for a healthy alternative to high-calorie shakes, ice creams, and curd. The demand for probiotic yogurt is expected to rise at the back of changing food preferences of the masses. 

Chobani, a renowned global vendor for probiotic yogurt, recently unveiled its new line of nut-infused yogurts. The company reveals that its specialised yogurt lines have gained popularity amongst consumers. This trend is contrary to the declining popularity of Greek yogurt. 

General Mills recently signed a partnership agreement with Goodbelly to manufacture a fresh line of probiotic yogurts. This move comes several years after General Mills partnered with Goodbelly for a line of café. 

A report on the global probiotic yogurt market by Research Moz (Rmoz) follows a coherent sequence to explain the current position of the market. 

Popularity of Yogurt amongst Fitness Enthusiasts

People who follow a restricted-calorie diet look for healthy alternatives to satisfy their urge for sweet foods. Probiotic yogurt has helped in filing this gap by offering both, taste and a health meal. The popularity of oats and protein shakes has played underhanded role in the growth of the probiotic yogurt market. Furthermore, the use of probiotic yogurt across bakeries has created a regular inflow of revenues into this market. 

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Europe to Witness Paced Market Growth

On a regional footing, the global probiotic yogurt market is segmented into South America, North America, Europe, Asia Pacific, and the Middle East and Africa. The probiotic yogurt market in Europe has gained from the worldwide popularity of varieties indigenous lines of yogurt. Several regions in Europe practice yogurt-making as a traditional culinary practice. This factor has also played a central role in the growth of the regional market for probiotic yogurt.