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Published on : Mar 02, 2016

ALBANY, New York, March 02, 2016 - ResearchMoz.us has added a new market intelligence report on the power sector to its repository. This report is titled “Power Monthly Deal Analysis - December 2015: M&A and Investment Trends” and comprises 85 pages in which the investment and merger and acquisition trends are discussed. The report is a critical source of data when it comes to analyzing the financing trends in the power industry.

The report offers extensive details and supplementary data on partnerships and transactions that were registered in the power industry in December 2015. The report, therefore, provides descriptive analyses of the equity and debt offerings, venture financing, mergers and acquisitions, and private equity for the power industry.

The report also extends its analysis into presenting comparative information on the total number of deals that were made in the past six months, as well as the value of each deal. This analysis is segmented in terms of geographies, market segments, and deal types. The report also offers data on the major financial advisory companies for the power industry.

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The scope of the report includes a comprehensive analysis of the market trends in the power industry from the global perspective. This includes reviews of the various segments of energy in the power industry, along with an analysis of the financial aspects of them.

The report includes summaries of five major deals made in the power industry for December 2015. One of the deals was the US$5 bn invested by a Chinese firm into three power plants in Pakistan. Another deal is the US$1.75 bn raised by Inovia Concept Development for private placement. Details regarding the US$1.3 bn invested into a major power project in Chile is also provided.

The report further talks about the acquisition of 20% stake made by Pro-Power Investment into Huaneng International, the US$1.27 bn investment made for an offshore wind farm in Fujian by China Longyuan Power and Jiangyin Sulong Heat and Power Generating. Other developments investigated in the report include Areva rumored to be selling Canberra Industries.

The sector-wise analysis of the power industry deals made in December 2015 include the fields of solar, wind, hydro, fossil, bio power, geothermal, and nuclear energy. Apart from these, the sectors of energy efficiency, energy infrastructure, and energy storage are also explored.

The report’s geographical analysis of the power industry for December 2015 includes the key regions of Asia Pacific, Europe, and North America.

The report has been compiled with the intent of improving its users’ capability to make successful decisions in shorter time. This can be done as the report can help the user pinpoint major deals that might be occurring in the power industry in the near future. The report also helps identify the various growth segments and opportunities within individual regions in the power industry.

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