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Global Poultry Feed Supplements Market Set For Rapid Growth & Demand, By 2025

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Published on : Feb 20, 2020

Global poultry feed supplements market is expected to witness robust growth in the near future, growing at over double digit CAGR during 2018-2025 period. The market is expected to witness high demand for supplements for chickens, and exotic feeds like geese, and ducks among others. The growing demand for new food products, especially in emerging region of Asia Pacific will create new opportunities for growth for players in the global poultry feed supplements market. 

Researchnoz has released a report titled “Global Poultry Feed Supplements Market Insights, Forecast to 2025.” The report offers the growth scenarios present globally as well as revenues of the overall market. The Global poultry feed supplements market report thoroughly discusses robust growth prospects and prominent strategies implicated by several key players operating in the global market, which are likely to benefit the market growth and grab leading position in terms of revenue in the market. The report is available on the website ResearchMoz.us as well.

The report will cover all the key manufacturers globally. These include Evonik, Adisseo,
CJ Group, Novus International, DSM, Meihua Group, Kemin Industries, Zoetis, CP Group, BASF, Sumitomo Chemical, ADM, Alltech, Biomin, Lonza, Global Bio-Chem, Lesaffre, Nutreco, DuPont, and Novozymes. 

Rising Demand for Processed Meat Remains a Major Driver for Growth 

Rising demand for processed meat, rising disposable income, and growing awareness about potential consequences of unprocessed meat continue to drive growth for the global poultry feed supplements market. The growing demand for processed meats to ensure safety in food stocks, and increasingly stringent regulations drive meat consumptions promise new opportunities for growth as demand for animal feed additives spirals upwards. Moroever, the changing dietary patters in major countries like India, are also expected to drive growth of the poultry food supplements market. The improving lifestyle, rising disposable income, and growing consumption of meat in the region are expected to drive growth of the global poultry feed supplements market. 

Request a Sample PDF copy with detailed Insights: https://www.researchmoz.us/enquiry.php?type=S&repid=2490131

Meat Commercialization to Open Up New Opportunities for Growth 

Packaged meat are widely in demand in the pharmaceutical sector, wherein these products occupy 42% share of the animal health industry. The animal feed additives for improving existing pharmaceutical products, and their growing demand, thanks to growing innovation in the pharmaceutical industry will result in major possibilities for growth in the near future. Additionally, the industrialization of these products for the first time in many emerging economies, and adoption of a fast-food culture with meat its helm; will also likely create significant opportunities for growth in the near future. Rising demand for protein enriched products, feed additives such as amino acids, vitamins, and acidifiers will likely drive robust growth for the market in the near future. 

Multi-Nutrient Products to Open New Opportunities 

Multi-nutrient products have shown most promise in recent times, as they have shown to improve meat production from livestock considerably. Additionally, mixing products can also offer several cost-cutting opportunities for manufacturers where needed. The large doses to animals in micro-quantities are also witnessing growing adoption as it has resulted in increased weight and meat ratio for livestock. The growing demand for dairy products, the increased consumption of processed meat worldwide, and growing chain of fast-foods, among others are likely to drive major growth for the global poultry feed supplements market in the near future.